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Monday, January 14, 2019

Let's Go To There: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Forrest Gump has always been one of my favorite movies. When I was a kid, I used to sit in front of the television and watch it religiously. While my fangirling for Tom Hanks has only grown stronger as my love for the movie quieted down a little bit, I can readily admit that one of my dreams was go to to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co - a local restaurant that is themed after the movie. Recently, my family  tried out the restaurant for the first time, and let's just say: dreams come true ya'll. My inner eight year old would be so proud right now. It's probably one of my all-time favorite movie-related places in the world.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Let's Go To There: Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Universal Orlando
Every autumn Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood transforms its theme parks under the cover of darkness into scare zones and themed houses. This year, Stranger Things, Poltergeist, Halloween 4, and The Purge were just some of the iconic movies and shows to arrive at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

To be honest, I'm not an avid horror fan, but I like the occasional scare. When my sister and I saw the line-up of houses for this year's HHN, we cast our fears aside to celebrate Halloween a little differently this year. Because it caters to all kinds of fans (mostly 18+) who love to get more than a little freaked out, the event turned out to be perfect for me and my sister to attend.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Jeff Goldblum Lives Up to His Legend at MegaCon Orlando 2018

From generation to generation he's known for his roles in Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and Thor: Rangarok - to name a few - but how do you describe a legend like Jeff Goldblum? Eccentric, debonair, funny, and a true original are some of the first words that come to mind. Similar to being captivated by him on the big screen, there's nothing quite like seeing the man himself in person. When MegaCon Orlando announced Jeff Goldblum would be among their cast of celebrities to appear at the convention, there's no way that a longtime fangirl like myself could turn that opportunity down.

Similar to growing up reading Harry Potter or watching Star Wars, some actors are just apart of your childhood. Like so many fans, my history with Goldblum goes way back to when I was kid. But you could say it's as simple as anybody's, watching his movies since I was a little girl and naturally being aware, or should I say addicted, to  his enigmatic personality. My admiration for him grew as I became an adult reading his interviews and continuing to enjoy his movies and tv shows. He's also from my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so that gives me another level of kinship I feel towards him. Yet there might be no greater truth than what talk show host Conan O'Brien once said: "no matter what movies you are in, the eye goes to Goldblum".

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Favorite Cosplay at MegaCon Orlando 2018

MegaCon Orlando 2018
Fandom conventions wouldn't be the same without cosplay. As thousands of fans visited the Orlando County Convention Center, MegaCon Orlando showed off epic cosplay from anime and comics to video games and movies. Whether you're dressing up and acting like your favorite character or cosplay-watching and admiring what other people will don, it is one of the best experiences you can have as a fan. You never know what you're going to see, but everything will amaze you. Below are some of the best and my favorite cosplays I discovered over the weekend. Which ones are your favorites?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

5 Things To Look Forward to at MegaCon Orlando

MegaCon Orlando knows how to deliver geekdom to Orlando, Florida. Last year I had an opportunity to attend the exciting convention which brings in thousands of fans from all over to celebrate comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, movies, and much more. The four day weekend is packed with fandom-tastic panels, vendors, and festivals, there is so much to see and do. This year I'm heading to the convention again and excited to see what the event has in store! From panels and celebrity appearances to indie artists, here are a few things I'm looking forward to at MegaCon Orlando!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ashley Eckstein's It's Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make It Happen Book Launch

Ask any Star Wars fan, especially of The Clone Wars, and they probably know the name of Ashley Eckstein and her voice for the popular character Ahsoka Tano. Same goes for female geeks of all ages who love the adorable and comfortable clothing line known as Her Universe. Having loved Her Universe and been following Eckstein on Instagram, I learned that she was going to be in Orlando for the launch of her book It's Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make It Happen. Though I prefer to stay inside my hut on Jakku, this wasn't an opportunity I was going to pass up! I hadn't even met her yet, and already she was pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

10 Must-See Moments of Marvel's Superheros Off-Duty

Comic book adaptations such as Marvel's The Avengers have created amazing moments on-screen. But what about when the cast travels the world to promote their franchises or funny moments that go down in-between filming? As we get ready for the biggest addition to the Marvel universe so far with Infinity War, let's soar down memory lane for all of the spectacular press tours over the past several years. From a Mini Thor meeting The Avengers to Tom Hiddleston's impersonations of a velociraptor, here are ten must-see moments of The Avengers (including Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther) from interviews and skits to bloopers. What are you favorite moments with all of the different casts? Let me know in the comments below.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to Treat 2018 like No Man's Land and Kick Butt In the New Year

Wonder Woman No Man's Land Inspiration
One of the biggest, empowering moments in superhero films for 2017 comes from Wonder Woman and its depiction of No Man's Land.

If you haven't seen the movie, here's a little non-spoilerific refresher: During World War I, Amazonian princess Diana Prince heads to the frontlines looking for the God of War Ares, but starts witnessing the unflinching violence humankind is capable of. As the Allied forces stands off against German troops, neither having gained new ground for a year, local villages suffer from their occupation. Prince wants to help everyone she can, but companion Steve Trevor tells her that it's not possible to cross the forbidden terrain known as No Man's Land. Shielding everything the enemy can throw at her, she's able to move their soldiers ahead. Along the way Diana transforms into the Wonder Woman as we know of her: powerful, courageous, wise, a leader and team player.

No Man's Land became one of the most significantly inspiring scenes not only for the year but for moviegoers and Wonder Woman fans everywhere. By following her gut instincts and leading the pack, we were reminded that barriers can be crossed with compassion and determination. Here's some tips on how to treat the new year like No Man's Land - believe in yourself, try new things, don't let anyone limit your potential, and kick some butt in 2018. Hope you enjoy!

Wonder Woman No Man's Land Inspiration

Find Your No Man's Land

What are people or the world telling you isn't possible? Did you make a list of resolutions for the new year? Figure out what your biggest challenges are and decide the benefits of what can happen if you face them head on. Don't let others discourage you or tell you it's not something you can do.

Wonder Woman No Man's Land Inspiration

Follow Your Gut Instincts

Pulling a quote from Marvel's Captain America: when the world, friends, family, or coworkers are telling us to compromise with our goals or dreams, it's our job to plant ourselves like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world: "No, YOU move.” Follow your gut instincts and what you believe is right. It's good to take advice from friends and family, but you ultimately know what's right for you at the end of the day.

Wonder Woman No Man's Land Inspiration

Don't Be Afraid to Lead

Life is too short to be following other people's directions or demands, or living under anyone else's rule of thumb. Don't be afraid to take the lead, especially if you know you're the person for the job to get it done right. Shield yourself from negativity, either self-inflicted or from the world. Take small steps and before you know it, that obstacle you thought was insurmountable in the beginning wasn't so bad in the first place. If you know what you want, go after it.

Wonder Woman Team photo

Support Your Fellow Man

Being in charge of our own lives and being a leader doesn't mean we leave other people behind. Where are we without our team - significant others, friends, parents, peers, pets - to support us when we're trying to overcome obstacles or lift us up when we're doubtful. We all get to where we want to be with the good help of others, so always extend that hand of kindness back.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor celebrating

Celebrate Your Successes

Sometimes the world drags our energy and motivation down when people are discouraging or the awful news reports never ceases to end. Sometimes it can feel like goodness doesn't exist. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle when we don't actually celebrate what we've done right or the small things that make us happy. Use the things that you see that are wrong in the world more fuel to do make good and healthy decisions. And when you accomplish something, don't be afraid to admire what you've done.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Let's Go To There: The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios

It's not something I fangirl about a lot, but if I could, I'd give anything to go back to the golden age of Hollywood, just to walk the sets and see all of cinema's greatest stars up close and personal. Second best to fulfill that wish was Hollywood Studios. As one of five theme parks in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, every vibe of that golden age comes alive there. The main streets are lined decked out in vintage decor and restaurants pay homage to legendary hang-outs like The Brown Derby. You feel like you're walking around the studio lots venturing from one shooting location to another.

As Disney revamps the site for larger Star Wars and Toy Story lands, those retro vibes are slowly changing. The most recent attraction going for a complete overhaul The Great Movie Ride. Built as a replication of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, the ride takes guests literally into the movies.

Friday, June 2, 2017

MegaCon Orlando Celebrates Stan Lee On His Farewell Tour

The Man, the myth, the legend Stan Lee comes to MegaCon Orlando. The beloved comic book creator stopped by for an exclusive panel as part of his farewell tour for convention appearances. Sitting alongside Lee was his events co-ordinator Max, both of which took part in the panel to share stories of their adventures working together and answering fan questions.

His entrance into the conference room was electrifying. Everyone in attendance couldn't help but cheer the man who created so many of our favorite comic book characters. Afterwards, Max shares a brief story of Lee wanting to make a trip over to Universal Studios theme park Islands of Adventure, where there is a Marvel land featuring all of his creations, and the mishaps that went down. I apologize for the shakiness of the footage. It's hard to keep the camera steady when you're excited!

The panel was full of golden moments, and we almost never wanted it to end. He answered a lot of fan's questions (his favorite superhero is Spiderman) and what keeps him going in life at his age (breathing). Stan was as sharp as could be answering fans questions, which had us all in stitches. With the idea in mind that this debatable is one of his last appearance at a Florida convention, when an admirer asked what should fans do to uphold his legacy, Lee responded that he's never thought about it, doesn't matter to him, and sets the fans free to do what they want.

Lee starting out the panel with answering a fan's question.

Stan Lee gives advice to aspiring writers - create something you'd like to read the most.

Talking about how he found out how he wanted to become a writer by reading, the inspiration he found with Robin Hood, and how he wants to make comics in more movies than Marvel movies.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tom Wilson Brings the Laughs to MegaCon Orlando

Sometimes you attend a panel where you know you're going to attend it again and again. While MegaCon Orlando doled a lot of fantastic memories, I know I won't hesitate to attend a convention if Tom Wilson is on the b the ll for celebrity guest. He was simply put: fantastic.

Many fans will know him from the iconic Back to the Future, where he played three generations of Biff men in several different varieties from 1950s, to 2015, to 1800s.

He's responsible for a lot more than the love-to-hate villain of Robert Zemeckis's classic movie: he revolutionised the fast food industry. While talking about his earlier career in commercials before he made it as a huge star, starred in a commercial as a thirty and hungry construction worker who magically has a biscuit pop into his hands for lunch. Next time, you go to Wendys or Burger King, all hail Tom Wilson.

The panel started with Wilson giving the audience a stand-up routine instead of a normal or standard introduction of credits and how-are-yous. Singing a song and talking about his career, he told stories about acting, and mostly, the questions he often gets in panels to cut everything to the chase. Wilson had everyone in stitches. If you never believed in positive vibes, a Tom Wilson panel will do the trick. It's no wonder he looks exactly like Biff in 1988, just sporting a helmet of grey hair.

Monday, May 29, 2017

MegaCon Orlando Offers Community to Cosplayers and Fans

MegaCon Orlando
MegaCon Orlando is one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the U.S. Growing stronger every year, the event draws over 100,000 fans from all over to the Orange County Convention Center in Florida for an epic weekend comics, gaming, sci-fi, and anime. Its location is the second biggest conference site in the U.S. next to McCormick Place in Chicago with miles of large auditoriums and showrooms the size of airplane hangars. Over the course of four days, attendees enjoy panels, photo ops, autographs, workshops, and a marketplace stocked with retailers, charities, and artists.

Armed with a shiny press badge, I was so proud and happy to cover the event. Thankfully, I've been to this site before with FanFest starring The Walking Dead so attending the convention wasn't too daunting. But there was so much to see and do in so little time.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Relaxing Perfect Guide To Skinnypop Popcorn And Wine

A Perfect Guide to Skinny Popcorn and Wine
It doesn't take a lot for me to unwind. Curling up on the couch with popcorn, a glass of wine, and of course, some of my favorite shows is my idea of a perfect night at home. When it comes to snacking, I've experimented with a few different flavors before, but never quite hit the perfect combination of a timeless snack combined with a smooth spirit.

Trying to narrow down which popcorn and wine make the best pair can be difficult. It's a good thing the people at SkinnyPop have made it easy.

With this graphic below, a night of chillin' is even simpler: Choose your favorite popcorn flavor and pair it with the best wine. And then relax with your snack while watching your favorite shows (or movie).

SkinnyPop Popcorn and Wine Guide
Spring is a busy time for tv shows and all of us binge-watchers. A lot of series are reaching their final episodes or season finale, as newer shows ready to take over summer.

One of my favorites this year has been HBO's big thriller Big Little Lies. Based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, it weaves murder and mischief with the complicated relationships between housewives, their spouses, and children in a serene, beachfront community. With a top-notch cast like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, and hypnotizing direction by Jean-Marc Vallee, it's been a gripping, wild ride. For the final few episodes which I've been saving to binge-watch, I chose white cheddar with malbec which is going to be perfect to enjoy with all of the who-dun-it suspense coming to an end.
Popcorn and movie night
I can't wait to use this guide for more shows premiering over the next few months. My Monday nights are sealed with a new season of Bachelor in Paradise making me feel better about my love life (or lack of one). And then there's the wild escapade of Fargo on FX, which is getting a third, zany season of Minnesotans solving a crazy crime.

With summer around the corner, movie nights are also a great way to cool off from the heat with my family. I'm already planning ideas for going on an adventurous fairytale with The Princess Bride, grooving down on the beach with Beach Blanket Bingo, and trying to capture a great white shark with Jaws. SkinnyPop's Sea Salt and Pepper popcorn sound delicious with Zinfandel will go well with these...Thanks to SkinnyPop Popcorn, they gave me the bright idea to enjoy guilt-free goodies to wind down and enjoy life a little more.

What shows are you watching lately? What popcorn & wine combination are you going to make?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Sneak Peak

Release of Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is right around the corner. And the studio is pulling out all the stops. While the cast is on a world press tour, an eight-minute exclusive sneak-peek with costumes on display are open to park guests at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland in California. At Disney's Hollywood Studios, costumes from the new movie are on display and I was able to catch a sneak peak of the first five minutes!

The prop on display at Hollywood Studios is the red rose under its glass dome. And the costume is Belle's golden dress, which she famously wears during her and Beasts' iconic ballroom dance in the 1991 original film.

At Disneyland Resort in California, the costumes on display includes Belle's village blue dress, a map, an enchanted mirror, and a rose under the bell jar. I would've loved to see these in person too!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gilderoy Lockhart Chocolate Frog Card Reveal

Gilderoy Lockhart Chocolate Frog Card
One of my favorite things to do on magical trips to Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando is to collect chocolate frog cards - the snacks Harry and his friends enjoy on their trips to Hogwarts and Honeydukes.

Recently, I attended A Celebration of Harry Potter, where Universal Studios revealed new merchandise for their theme parks. One of the items I couldn't wait to get was the Gilderoy Lockhart chocolate frog card!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017
For the past few years, Universal Studios has held A Celebration of Harry Potter event at their theme parks in Florida. For an entire weekend, wizards and witches celebrate the Harry Potter books and movies at Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure through demonstrations, Q&A’s and exhibits.

I’ve been very lucky over the past few years to attend, and this year was no exception. Though I was only able to attend one day and aimed to pack in as much as possible, the event is held over three days. If I could’ve apparated to both parks I would’ve, but chose to stay at Universal Orlando to visit two of their expos and a cast Q&A.

The day started off early with getting line for the first expo. Inside, Scholastic, Warner Bros Studio Tour, the Harry Potter Exhibition, and MinaLima had individual exhibits.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Inspirational Quotes from Fictional Characters for an Awesome 2017

Inspirational Quotes for an Awesome 2017
Starting a new year usually inspires us to take chances, make mistakes, try new things, believe in ourselves more. As geeks we often turn to books, movies, or tv shows for advice and comfort. In sticking with our resolutions for the next twelve months, here are some inspirational quotes from 2016 to make our world a little brighter. What quotes are motivating you this year? Feel free to share in the comments!

Newt Scamander Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Literary Quotes

Inspirational Star Wars Quotes

Awesome Stranger Things Quotes

Inspirational Disney Movie Quotes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Dream Loot Crate - Galaxy Defender

Loot Crate Subscription Crate
Chances are you've probably heard of Loot Crate before, but if you haven't, the subscription service provides a geeky crate of the coolest memorabilia delivered to your doorstep every month to two months. Each box is filled with theme-related collectibles, apparel, home goods, and more for all of your geeky, gamer and nerdy needs.

It just so happens the good people at Loot Crate invited me to create a "Dream Crate" of my own design. Being a fangirl of their amazing subscription I couldn't refuse the challenge!

Earth is a pretty complicated place. With the help of some cool gadgets and memorabilia, we can stand up for what's right everywhere we go. My dream is for Loot Crate to bring out the Galaxy Defender in all of us with the help of Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Doctor Who and The Avengers.
No matter how much we may have our differences, in fiction nothing can stop us from coming together and give us inspiration to come together in real life.

Collectibles above can be found at the following:
Dancing Groot Funko pop l Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Trek Iphone Case l Star Trek
I Rebel l Star Wars: Rogue One
Wonder Woman mini-backpack l Wonder Woman
The Doctor's New Sonic Screwdriver l Doctor Who
Avengers Assemble Travel Mug l Marvel

If you could design your own crate, what would you put in it? What makes you feel like a Galaxy Defender? 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Matt the Radar Technician Cosplay at Halloween

Matt the Radar Technician Cosplay
Despite being a massive geek, I was never really a Star Wars fan. Not that my mom and sister didn't try to influence my disinterest over the years by watching the films and going to the conventions, as I grew up with the first era of early 2000s installments. But the Disney and J.J. Abrams's reboot changed my enthusiasm. And I guess you could say Saturday Night Live played a big role too.

When Adam Driver hosted the weekly sketch-comedy show, there was one clip I was totally obsessed with: Undercover Boss. The skit has Darth Vader's grandson Kylo Ren posing undercover at Starkiller Base as Matt the Radar Technician. Certain lines like "Kylo Ren is a punk-bitch", as much as I thought it was creative and funny. The entire skit became a fandom of mine ever since it aired.

Immediately, the video inspired me to make this my Halloween costume. I'm not sure there's ever been another costume I was so determined to complete as much as possible.

Some of the items were pretty easy - Grey Overalls from Dickies, personalized name tag from Etsy, and Kylo Ren's Lightsaber from Wal-Mart.

By far, the glasses were my favorite part. I found sunglasses at WalMart, and removed the lenses to make them "clear" by applying a hairdryer to the frames until they loosened enough to pop out. No lie - I wear these around my house sometimes for no particular reason! *I'm crazy*

Some of the other parts were trickier. The wig is supposed to look a little cheap but I still wanted it to have a nice quality. After searching all kinds of wigs for men, general cosplay, even Marilyn Monroe, I found a match: a Donald Trump wig. Go figure! It turned out to be pretty darn perfect.

The vest was the trickiest piece. Matt wears a ‘South African Style Rhodesian Tactical Orange Vest' and it was sadly impossible to find. I kept checking back with a few different places but they were always sold out or closed up shop. My next shot was to try tactical or hunting vests, but most are available only in camouflage. I ended up going for a worker's vest that was at least orange but had grey lines. This one worked great, and didn't hinder from the costume, but I still want to get the right one sometime.

To top it all off, my adventure was carried out at the happiest place on Earth - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Kylo Ren undercover at Disney World - not sure if there's a better combination! I was pretty much in character the entire day....
"Matt" was surprised about the Florida weather. The humidity was certainly the biggest gamble. I didn't know what to expect, and was a little iffy because I didn't bring alternative robes.  The day turned out to be pretty sunny, but not too hot and not too cold. I was content not to overheat in the coveralls.

My first order of business was ensuring no funny business went on at the stores and that rides performed at full functionality. However, I was surprised by the lack of stormtroopers willing to do my bidding. Nothing was as easy I presumed.

I concealed my identity throughout the evening. Many civilians didn't know who I was, while others were respectful of my legacy. The Force seemed to be in my favor for most of the mission.
Some people were 99% sure I was Kylo Ren. Before I even got into the park, and was on the parking lot platform, one civilian went absolutely ballistic; he couldn't believe what my costume was. He was absolutely stoked to take a picture with me. That's never happened to me before!

Some castmates easily recognized me. A photographer screamed for Matt. One of the pirates in the Halloween parade danced towards to where I was sitting. Without missing a single beat, he said, "Sorry about your dad." I appreciated the condolences, but I'm not entirely sure if he was aware that I was the one who killed him....

Starbucks was one of my favorite visits. It was radically different than the Starkiller Base commissary. I was having some real talk with some real folks about how I got Kylo's lightsaber, and of course, "his" abs cause they're shredded. Some folks and castmates who I couldn't make conversation with ended up shouting, "I haven't had my muffin yet, Matt" and pressured me to fix the calcinator - which stressed me out a little. However, I felt like the overall experience affected me and people are going to love the new me! ;D

So, this was my costume this year.  It's definitely going to get some more use in the future at conventions, etc. It was exciting to come out of the rock I usually hide under to play this character.  A huge thanks to my mom and sister for their support, all of the cast members and other park guests who recognized and appreciated what I was going for. I truly had a blast! Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 19, 2016

FanFest Orlando Charity Rallies for Pulse Victims

Orlando native James Frazier  created an opportunity for fans to engage and support the victims of the tragic attack on the LGBT nightclub Pulse. As the creator of the WalkerStalker cons, he immediately reached out to actors to create a fundraising event FanFest Orlando.

Actors like Stephen Ammell (Arrow), Robin Lord-Taylor (Gotham) and The Walking Dead such as Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohen were in person to sign autographs and be apart of photo ops. The day also offered free panel sessions, merchandise, a cosplay contest, and a charity auction. One hundred percent of the profits raised from ticket sales, autographs, professional photo ops, and vendor sales will be donated to the One Orlando Fund.

Support a good cause for Orlando and have the opportunity to meet stars from my all-time favorite show? Sign me up! It was truly something I couldn't miss!