Saturday, April 7, 2018

10 Must-See Moments of Marvel's Superheros Off-Duty

Movies as big as The Avengers and co. franchises have created amazing moments on-screen. But what about when the cast is promoting the movie or in-between filming? As we get ready for part one of Infinity War, let's soar down memory lane for all of the spectacular press tours over the past several years. From a Mini Thor meeting The Avengers to Tom Hiddleston's impersonations of a velociraptor, here are ten must-see moments of The Avengers (including Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther) from interviews, skits, and of course - bloopers. What are you favorite moments with the different casts? Feel free to let me in the comments below. Enjoy!

Civil War Cast at Comic Con

Maybe I just like to hear actors talk but the press conferences with all of the talent from the varied Marvel installments are wicked. From Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans to Anthony Mackie and Paul Rudd, it's impossible to pass up appearances where so many personalities are together on one stage.

Would You Rather?

Would you rather fight Shuri or X-Men: Mutant Storm for a slice of pizza? Would you rather find out your Uber driver is M'Baku or The Angry Hulk? The Black Panther cast plays Would You Rather with Buzzfeed, and the answers might surprise you.

Hawkeye Disappoints The Avengers

Fans have already spotted that Hawkeye has been excluded from Infinity War's trailers and posters. But maybe the bad blood runs back as far as the first Avengers movie and we just didn't see it. The poor guy just can't catch a break.

Black Widow Trailer

The SHIELD spy is finally getting her own movie, but we're still miles away from seeing the official movie. But Saturday Night Live skit perfectly hints at how Hollywood looks at female superheros. They're much more than boob trampolines.

Guess The Guardian

How well do the Guardians know each other? Actually, pretty well and not that much.

Mini Thor Meets The Avengers

What do you get when a little kid dresses up as a superhero and interviews superheros? A damn cute set of videos. Mini Thor Meets The Avengers. Above he has a run-in with Tony Stark, but he also meets Captain America and HawkeyeQuicksilver and Scarlett Witch while Mini Spider-man meets Spiderman and MJ.

So Many Bloopers

Superheros aren't perfect. Exhibit A to Z: a compilation of bloopers from X-Men to Guardians of the Galaxy. This is only the start.

Chadwick Boseman Surprises Fans

Black Panther is one of the biggest movies of 2018 and all-time. Countless fans waited for this movie to be made, but a lucky few got to give a thank you to the king himself Chadwick Boseman...and were greeted with a special surprise.

Tom Holland Vs Zendaya

Lip Sync Battle is known for its epic song-and-dance battles between celebrities. In the Marvel universe, nothing will ever compare to the showdown between Spiderman Homecoming's stars. Sorry, Zendaya, but Tom wins this one, hands down.

Loki Invades Hall H

He is Loki of San Diego Comic Convention, and he is burdened with a glorious purpose to take over Hall H. That truly explains it all.

P.S.  Sorry but Doctor Strange needs a better publicist - they're weren't too many funny or even memorable moments with the cast for their promo tour.

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