Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 New Years Goals + State of the Blog

Last year, I thought we survived the Upside Down. LOL Oh, how everything and absolutely nothing has changed.  The only way I can describe 2018 is: What. The. ****. Was That?!

The fandom side of my life was awesome: I met Jeff Goldlbum and saw a mini X-Files reunion, attended MegaCon as press again, participated in Chicks with Accents podcast, met HerUniverse creator Ashley Eckstein, went to an advanced screening of First Man, saved Will in the Upside Down a million times, cosplayed as Harry Potter at Disney World, survived Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, covered a local library event for my Harry Potter blog, reunited with the boyfriend of my teenage dreams, saw Die Hard in theaters for its 30th anniversary, and some of my favorite characters didn't die.

I don't know what happened with the rest of my life. Compared to everything going on in the world, it's embarrassing to say that 2018 didn't have my back at all. But that's just what it is.

Mostly, our saga to escape Florida didn't work out. Because we live in the middle of nowhere with no real life to speak of, not moving like we planned had a horrible domino effect on me with work (or lack of it), feeling like I'm missing out on a lot of experiences I should be having at 29, and realizing/trying to handle that the few face-to-face relationships I have are completely toxic. When opportunities came my way, it didn't take long for hope to turn into feeling foolish - a lot of people ended up using me for my writing and Harry Potter blog. Halfway through the year, I grew super depressed and anxious to the point of just going through the motions. I kept questioning what I was doing wrong and if I'm doing anything right or what else should I be doing.

Good news is that things started coming together for me by the end of the year - I became a ghost writer, and as weird as it is to have people putting their name on my writing, it's rewarding that I'm in demand. Now, only if I can write my own stories? lol Looking back at my goals this year, I managed to get through a lot of simple things: watched 75 movies (instead of my goal of 50), got a library card, started watching Game Thrones, DISCOVERED SPOTIFY, realized my life dream of owning a bookmobile, kept up my blog series like Wonder Women, Stars I Love and trailer reactions, and my grew Instagram (a little).

The best change we accidentally made was house-watching a cat Lizzy for our neighbor. We ended up adopting her because our neighbor took in another cat for her cousin, and Lizzy didn't get along with him. I've talked a little in the past how my therapy dog passed away three years ago, and how hard that has been to find another pet. I've only started considering getting a dog in the future over the past few months. But Lizzy is like a cat in a dog suit - she loves to hang out with everyone, sits on my laptop while I'm working and loves to cuddle. Lizzy is technically my sister's pet, but adding her to the family made last year so much better.

State of the Blog?

I've started to reach a "Now What?" phase with my blog. I love it and I don't know if it's just me, but blogging doesn't seem to be as active as it used to be. Sometimes real life gets in the way which I totally understand, but there's a lack of reciprocity from active bloggers if I'm being honest. There's a few bloggers who I interact with and return comments, but there's a lot more who never respond at all. And, there are groups I'm apart of where people don't comment or like each other's work - they all want to be influencers without reaching out or networking. While I'm super grateful for everyone who stops by, I can't stop this nagging feeling that blogging has become too one-sided.

Throughout 2018, I kept thinking about doing other things outside of blogging. Ever since I made a video entry for a contest earlier and some silly videos for twitter, I've been considering heading to YouTube. Every time I'm browsing Youtube, or when a movie comes out, I get a surge of ideas that aren't post-related. I want to write about film outside of my own blog more and make a film/fandom-related YouTube channel?...I wouldn't set it in stone that 2019 is the end of Oh So Geeky, but I'm excited to see which direction I might take. I'll keep blogging here until I start a new chapter? If anything, 2018 taught me you just never know what's gonna happen.

2019 Goals


+ I want to say move and get out of Florida....but....

+ Mostly, my goals are saving as much money as possible. First, we'll be seeing Hugh Jackman in concert, so I need to save up for hotel/merch/henchman/log cabin in Wisconsin. And, then rumor has it Taylor's next single/album might drop in Spring, so I have to save for more concert tickets. And, then perhaps a better camera for YouTube.

+ Submit writing to other sites. And publish some of my stories on Wattpad or Archive of Our Own.

+ Limit my coffee intake to the weekends, and drink more coffee/tea.

+ Complete a 30 day challenge from Yoga with Adrienne. I've been walking every single day, and also want to add some at-home workouts to my routine.

+ Continue my lessons hashtag. I didn't add to #28 Lessons but have already started #29Lessons.

+ Find a better mental-health balance with Instagram. I get so much inspiration from it, but all of the filtered, over-choreographed, everyone-selling-something atmosphere is overwhelming.


+ Finish live-tweeting Game of Thrones before the last season starts.

+ Read Lord of the Rings or at least the first book.

+ Watch at least 50% of the movies on my Letterboxd watch listI'm always updating this and hope to stop for the year at 200 movies, so I'd just like to reach at least 50% on the progress bar and go from there.

+ Read 20+ books. Already one book ahead of 'schedule' so that's nice.

+ Finish a major post defending Jim Halpert from The Office. I've been taking serious notes from various episodes about his and other characters' developments, and hope to put it all together this year.

+ Maybe upload one video to YouTube? and go from there?

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