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Friday, November 11, 2016

October Geeky Faves

How was everyone's October? Hopefully not as rough as November has been so far. I hope you had a boo-tiful and fun month celebrating Halloween and getting in the holiday spirit. Here are some of the things I did, and some I hope to do throughout November too.

Dressed up as Matt the Radar Technician - probably one of the best times of my life! It was really a night I'll never forget. In conjunction with going trick or treating at Disneyworld, I led a small guess my contest series on instagram. Thanks to everyone who played along! Ya'll are clever smarty pants.

Prepared for The Walking Dead premiere - Even though the hype and speculation had been known since the summer, I just wanted to grab my funkos close and drown myself in orange crush and pudding when the first episode aired. Which is pretty much what I did.

Owl It To Me I'm Worth It - *shameless plug* One of my (all-time?) favorite designs I recently added to my redbubble.

Read The Martian - It was a challenge not to compare the novel to the movie, but they both are super good and worth giving a shot.

Harley Quinn funko pop - Just cause she's pretty. And that card set up was so much fun to do. I need to do one with actual Jokers sometime.

End of Year Goals: Not quite sure yet. Watch holiday movies. Finish 2016 reading challenge. Keep being a "nasty woman". Go into burrito mode.

Friday, October 21, 2016

September Geeky Faves

It's finally autumn! Well, about halfway through October. The thing about living in Florida is that the seasons change for the rest of the world. It's still just hot down here. So Happy Fall to all! It's time to take a brief look back at September and some geeky faves that happened last month.

FanFest - The day finally arrived for me to meet some of The Walking Dead cast. It was so moving and fun to be apart of such a well-meaning event, where all of the proceeds went to OneOrlando. Meeting several members of the show is something I'll never forget.

3 Fictional Characters - A meme spread throughout social media to describe yourself in three fictional characters. I chose Belle (initially) from Beauty and the Best but any version of her would fit (probably). Agent Carter - just 'cause I'm trying to be confident with my value. And Dorothy Zbornack. Offline, I think my face is stuck like her deadpan gaze.

Read The Martian - Hallejuah! Bookish dreams can come true. I finally read The Martian. My mission and wait was worth it. In the case of book versus movie, it was a tough call.

Halloween Costume: For the first time in a few years, I'm super excited about Halloween costume. It was such a long time in the making to find as many similar or exact pieces as possible. What a relief to have it all complete before I go to a major Halloween party. Follow me in Instagram, I'm leading a trail of breadcrumbs.,,,

Plans for November: Try NanoWriMo (but with my own daily/weekly word count), finish my TBR, start reading Outlander, watch more Halloween movies, try some Pumpkin-infused treats.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

August Geeky Faves

July flew by so much quicker than I anticipated. and shame on me for not staying on top of some geeky favorite things during that month. Before we're too far into September, here are some of the geeky things I did in August with some new goals for this month. What your goals lined up for autumn? Hope you enjoy!

Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - The play was an enjoyable read, and probably even better to be experienced on stage, but I just couldn't connect the dots with it as Harry Potter canon. Not with a lot of the story's plotholes and inconsistencies. Albus and Scorpius were the best parts.

Book and Harley Haul - I AM UP TO MY KNEES IN BOOKS. But heck if I'm not going to try to score more - The Diviners, Station Eleven, The Martian, The Unofficial Guide to Crafting Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Belle took a mini-trip to Hogwarts. It wouldn't surprise me if the Sorting Hat experienced a hat stall when trying to place her in a house. She's definitely a Gryffinclaw to me.

It started all with a book - Stores everywhere are on a Potter high again!

Bittersweet Funko - I loved finding the Chekov funko pop (a Game Stop exclusive in his space suit) but it was a bittersweet addition to my collection.

The Martian book and movie - Did I say I am up to my knees in books? Yeah, well, I'm up to my eyeballs in reading them all. Two lost copies later and I finally have The Martian to read. YES.

Plans for September - Do not lose The Martian by Andrew Weir and read The Martian, watch scary movies for October, prepare *mystery* Halloween costume, see The Light Between Oceans, vist FanFest and see the Walking Dead cast.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Geeky Faves

June felt like a breeze - not just because it's been abnormally cool here in Florida but also just by how much time flew by. It's hard to believe we're embarking on July already; only two more months of summer before fall arrives.

Here is a little collection of things I did over the past few weeks and a few plans for July. What did you do last month? What are you looking forward to this month?

Saw Me Before You - My mom and I went to see Me Before You. Surprisingly, my mom ended up liking the movie more than I did. It wasn't particularly terrible or disappointing, and managed to hit all the right notes. Emilia and Sam shared great chemistry, and talk about great costumes for Louisa! Some of the director's interviews during the press tour kinda irked me, just in how she approached scrapping some of the more deeper un-rom-com qualities about the characters. I felt like she and the studios were so aimed at making the movie a Rom-Com Nicholas Sparks-esque spectacle of the summer, they missed out on making the movie more meaningful and engaging in a conversation with people with disabilities.

Saw Independence Day double feature: I had anticipated on seeing this in July but the double feature came along a lot earlier than expected. My sister and I had a great time seeing the first movie, but not so much with the new sequel. That review fully managed to get on the blog.

Swimming - Previous summers have been pretty saturated with offline business and family obstacles, so this is the first summer in a long time I can actually squeeze in swimming. It's been a blast so far. Almost every other (SUPER EARLY) morning I wake up so excited to just dip down to a local pool and almost have the entire joint to myself. The pool even has a radio playing oldies before I get there making it even more worth my while!

Started Monday Motivation on Instagram: Sharing my love of movie and pop culture quotes, I've been making Monday Motivations a weekly thing on Instagram. Feel free to come and join me!

Lost my copy of The Martian: My quest to read The Martian continues. Just when I was so amped up to get down to business with my copy, it disappeared - nowhere to be found. SOOOO. We're just gonna hold onto this goal until it pops up again. SIGH.

Start Everything Movie Wordsearch book: Something I didn't realize I had on my shelf until recently was a movie word search book. I'm a pretty big word-game nerd already, and adding movies as a theme just amped it up a ton of notches.

Plans for July: prepare for and attend GeekyCon (I'm attending as press, SWEET), attend midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, get sorted on Pottermore for the Ilvermorny school, see Star Trek Beyond, catch up on a ton of movies!.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Geeky Faves

About a month ago I started a little end-of-the-month series, and I can't believe we're already into the second version. Here is a little collection of things I did over the past few weeks and a few plans for June. What did you do last month? What are you looking forward to this month?

Captain America - I'd been looking forward to the Ultimate Captain America marathon all Spring. When Civil War's release date finally arrived, it was the best thing ever. My sister and I had so much fun seeing the five movies in one day, and then seeing Civil War an additional two more times. Definitely one of my favorite movies of the summer.

Florence Welch concert - To celebrate my sister's birthday, we attend our first Florence and the Machine concert. Her performance was nothing short of amazing and thrilling.

Twister 20th Anniversary - Twister is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite movies. May 10th was the twentieth anniversary since it was in theaters. My family and I celebrated by having a mini-Twister party - watching the movie, having an Aunt Mae-esque dinner (steak, mash potatoes, corn, etc.), and I wrote a little post about the movie's leading ladies.

Try Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - One of my goals for May was to try Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and I was really happy to check it off of my Harry Potter-esque bucket list. While I can't say enough good things about flavors like marshmallow, equally so, soap and dirt flavor. BLECK.

Watched X-Files Season 10 finale - This only took me about two months... I still don't know what to make of it. Thoughts are still reeling in my brain because it was everything I expected but also....not. Expect a very-belated post coming soon.

Plans for June: continue avoiding Walking Dead filming spoilers, see Me Before You, read The Martian, prepare Independence Day cosplay costume for Resurgence in July,  re-instate Walking Dead Wednesday posts, and start Everything Movie Wordsearch book.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Geeky Faves

This is a new little end-of-the-month series I'm hoping to start - a collection of things I did over the past few weeks. I didn't realize it was May already! Crossing my fingers this will help me keep a better track of time. Here's some things I did in April. What did you do last month?
Read Me Before You - It may be obvious a little but I'm obsessed with the book, and a little more importantly, the movie coming out this summer. Finishing it actually helped me reach good ol' number five out of sixteen books for this year's goodreads challenge.

Went Bowling - For my sister's birthday we went bowling. We actually haven't done it in years. If a few pins were knocked down, we'd be pretty happy. My goal was to get at least one strike, and I did! But my poor sister, it was one gutterball after another. I'm only a little sorry to say (she's older and beats me at everything), I scored highest. Love ya sis!

Enjoyed Blue Skies - Here in Florida we seemed to skip winter and spring entirely this year and just move straight into summer. I definitely enjoyed some blue skies and sunshine.

Worshiped Agent Carter - With Captain America: Civil War yet to be released in the U.S. I found other ways to get excited. Around the Ol' Blog we celebrated with a blog challenge and artwork . And, of course, continued my worship of Agent Carter. I actually watched the whole first season of her spin-off (shall be making a post soon!) and can't wait to start the second after Civil War.

"Visited" a Museum: My sister performed in her first play this month - a five minute hilarious one act. But we got to the theater a little too early before her performance. With nothing to do inside the theater, we wondered to the museum across the street (which was closed) and spent some time in the garden.

Watched Shall We Dance: The original lovely Japanese film has been on my radar for...I don't know how long. I finally managed to watch it and loved every minute. A review of this film shall be posted in May too. It's a definite can't miss movie.

Plans for May: survive the Captain America marathon, see Captain America: Civil War three times (Challenge accepted MettelRay!), read The Martian, celebrate Twister's 20th anniversary, avoid Walking Dead filming spoilers, finish X-Files Recap (OMG, I'm so far behind), and try Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.