Thursday, September 8, 2016

August Geeky Faves

July flew by so much quicker than I anticipated. and shame on me for not staying on top of some geeky favorite things during that month. Before we're too far into September, here are some of the geeky things I did in August with some new goals for this month. What your goals lined up for autumn? Hope you enjoy!

Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - The play was an enjoyable read, and probably even better to be experienced on stage, but I just couldn't connect the dots with it as Harry Potter canon. Not with a lot of the story's plotholes and inconsistencies. Albus and Scorpius were the best parts.

Book and Harley Haul - I AM UP TO MY KNEES IN BOOKS. But heck if I'm not going to try to score more - The Diviners, Station Eleven, The Martian, The Unofficial Guide to Crafting Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Belle took a mini-trip to Hogwarts. It wouldn't surprise me if the Sorting Hat experienced a hat stall when trying to place her in a house. She's definitely a Gryffinclaw to me.

It started all with a book - Stores everywhere are on a Potter high again!

Bittersweet Funko - I loved finding the Chekov funko pop (a Game Stop exclusive in his space suit) but it was a bittersweet addition to my collection.

The Martian book and movie - Did I say I am up to my knees in books? Yeah, well, I'm up to my eyeballs in reading them all. Two lost copies later and I finally have The Martian to read. YES.

Plans for September - Do not lose The Martian by Andrew Weir and read The Martian, watch scary movies for October, prepare *mystery* Halloween costume, see The Light Between Oceans, vist FanFest and see the Walking Dead cast.

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