Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Geeky Faves

This is a new little end-of-the-month series I'm hoping to start - a collection of things I did over the past few weeks. I didn't realize it was May already! Crossing my fingers this will help me keep a better track of time. Here's some things I did in April. What did you do last month?
Read Me Before You - It may be obvious a little but I'm obsessed with the book, and a little more importantly, the movie coming out this summer. Finishing it actually helped me reach good ol' number five out of sixteen books for this year's goodreads challenge.

Went Bowling - For my sister's birthday we went bowling. We actually haven't done it in years. If a few pins were knocked down, we'd be pretty happy. My goal was to get at least one strike, and I did! But my poor sister, it was one gutterball after another. I'm only a little sorry to say (she's older and beats me at everything), I scored highest. Love ya sis!

Enjoyed Blue Skies - Here in Florida we seemed to skip winter and spring entirely this year and just move straight into summer. I definitely enjoyed some blue skies and sunshine.

Worshiped Agent Carter - With Captain America: Civil War yet to be released in the U.S. I found other ways to get excited. Around the Ol' Blog we celebrated with a blog challenge and artwork . And, of course, continued my worship of Agent Carter. I actually watched the whole first season of her spin-off (shall be making a post soon!) and can't wait to start the second after Civil War.

"Visited" a Museum: My sister performed in her first play this month - a five minute hilarious one act. But we got to the theater a little too early before her performance. With nothing to do inside the theater, we wondered to the museum across the street (which was closed) and spent some time in the garden.

Watched Shall We Dance: The original lovely Japanese film has been on my radar for...I don't know how long. I finally managed to watch it and loved every minute. A review of this film shall be posted in May too. It's a definite can't miss movie.

Plans for May: survive the Captain America marathon, see Captain America: Civil War three times (Challenge accepted MettelRay!), read The Martian, celebrate Twister's 20th anniversary, avoid Walking Dead filming spoilers, finish X-Files Recap (OMG, I'm so far behind), and try Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

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