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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Defending Jacob (2020) Is A Dizzying Search for the Truth

Does it ever become a conflict of interest for a parent to protect their child? It seems like a dubious question at best and an easy answer on the surface. Familial ties and love are meant to be unconditional, but if an innocent kid commits an unspeakable crime, the line between devotion and justice can become blurred. Based on the novel by William Landy, Defending Jacob explores the pain of facing the truth of what someone you loved is capable of.

There are no major spoilers based on the plot or big reveals - however, please read ahead at your own risk.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lambs of God (2020) Unfolds a Fantastical Tale of Belief and Passion

The stories we watch are just as influential as the stories – personal, religious, or otherwise, we tell ourselves. Here the lives of three women cast aside fantastically crossover to the blurred path of their personal histories and what the world would like them to believe.

Based on the novel by Marele Day, Father Ignatius (Sam Reid) seeks to examine the grounds of a secluded island and confronts three nuns living in a dilapidated monastery. As Ignatius discovers that hospitality comes at a price, the fears, faith, and secrets of Sister Iphigenia (Essie Davis), Sister Margarita (Ann Dowd), and Sister Carla (Ann Dowd) forces them to defend their way of life.