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Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge

'Tis the season to be jolly and ponder about our feels from the past year. I thought it'd be fun to make a challenge to chat about the holiday season and include some of our favorite (or least) fictional characters in on the fun. Below is A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge! 

You're invited to join in on the fun! Simply copy & paste the questions to your blog for you to answer. Feel free to use the banner above or make your own. This is an open challenge - so no deadline to participate!

Advent Calendar: What traditions you celebrate during December? Are you starting new traditions this year?
Carols: What's your favorite song(s)?
Coal: A naughty character you'd send coal to?
Fireplace: Favorite Christmas movie that melts your heart?
Gingerbread: What's your favorite holiday snack?
Hot Cocoa: What's your favorite drink?
Lights: A character has had the brightest or most positive impact for you this year?
Mistletoe: Character you'd like to meet under the mistletoe?
Mittens: A cozy outfit that keeps you warm during winter?
Naughty: Three characters who'd make the Naughty list.
Nice: Three characters who'd make the Nice list.
North Pole: If you could spend Christmas anywhere (even fictional), where would you go?
Presents: A book or movie on your wishlist?
Rudolph: What's your favorite TV holiday special?
Santa: A character you'd love to exchange presents with? What would you get them?
Scrooge: A villain you'd help see life in a different way?
Snowflake: A special fandom or movie moment that made 2017 awesome.
Tree: What do you decorate your house with for the season?
Yuletide: The top 3 things in your life that make you the most happy?
BONUS: Ugly Christmas Sweater: Would you wear a sweater Molly Weasley made you or avoid it like the plague?

❄️ Tag! You’re it! ❄️
I welcome anyone who would like to do this challenge and add a little holiday cheer to their blog. My answers will be coming along in a separate post as well. Comment below or  tweet me your post for a re-tweet and so I can add you to a master list of entries - I'd love to see your answers!

Thanks for joining in! Check out these awesome participants so far: NikkipediaPrincess Deia, Layla Wrote, Live Love RandomDePepi, Her Geekery, PrimaGeek, OftenOffTopic, BizarreBrunette, Epicfied, My Open Sketchbook

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Blog Challenge

You're facing an epic battle against five extraordinary fictional opponents - all with superhero, magical, or supreme physical powers. You have your pick of partners-in-crime (justice, vengeance, etc.) to stand by your side and help you win. Who's on your team?

Since Civil War is rapidly approaching, I thought it'd be fun to do a related blog challenge. Pick any five fictional characters you would want on your team. They can be from any book, movie, tv show or comic - doesn't have to be from the Marvel universe. What would they bring to the team and how would you lead them to victory? Be as creative as you would like!

Below are my personal picks! If you want to take part in this challenge, feel free to make a post of your own (and send me a link) or comment! I'd love to read your picks!

Captain America
Sure, he has the body proportions of a Dorito. But nobody can really argue that he is one hell of a leader. He shows tact and diplomacy when voicing his opinion. People, superhuman or not, aren't perfect, and that's what keeps him human and grounded. He'd be a great voice of reason, fighter, and always has his friend's backs. Did I mention I was Team Cap all the way?

Ginny Weasley
Movie!Ginny is pretty cool, but Book!Ginny is 100x more complex. Next to Harry Potter, she suffered pretty heftily from Tom Riddle's destruction and managed to persevere almost unscathed. She survived the Dark Lord possessing her for a whole school term! That shows some insane resilience. She's outspoken and a capable warrior in battle and Quidditch. Ginny all the way!

Let's just forget about her romance to Neo and her silly fate in The Matrix series. Trinity is awesome. The first movie opens up with her kicking butt all on her own. She proves to work well on a team and on her own. A computer hacker, skilled martial artist and fighter, weapons specialist, and can slow down time to kick ass and take names. Sign her up to my team!

She's a little bit of an out-there choice, but am I gonna need someone who is good at researching and thinking outside the box? Who knows! Belle (Once Upon A Time version) knows how to dig deep to find the answer. Trinity can handle any and all computer hacking while Belle looks through any kind of print archive, books, maps - you name it. She's more than the idealist adventurer people peg her to be and is totally capable of handling herself against mean beasts.

Poe Dameron
Poe is a decorated X-Wing pilot and rebel fighter. He's one of Leia's most trusted operatives. He was raised by his rebel-fighting parents to defeat the dark side. It's great to have some man and woman power on the ground, but the open skies need to be covered too. How awesome would it be to see a starfighter soar overhead in victory? Go team go!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dream Movie Vacation Blog Challenge

It's summertime and the living is supposed to be easy. Everyone is wishing bon voyage to their homes and workplaces to sail the open seas or relax on the beach. This little seasonal tradition gave me an idea : a dream (film-related) vacation blog challenge!

If you could travel to any place in the film universe with any of your favorite characters or love-to-hate villains, what kind of a vacation would you take?

Would you travel to a death-defying stay at Jurassic Park, a magical night at Hogwarts, midnight rendezvous to 1920s Paris, an alien planet far, far away?

Which characters would be your travel buddies - Hermione Granger, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly, Mary Poppins, or Indiana Jones?

Post your choice(s) of a destination(s), and at least three characters who would tag along.

Use pictures or gifs of your choices. What kind of things would you do on your vacation? Who would you meet? Venture to some place modern or a fantasy world? Be as creative as you would like!

Feel free to use one of my (full-size) banners or make your own. There's no deadline to post or share your idea! Tweet me or comment with your post!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

ABC Movie Blog Challenge

Taking a day off from movie reviews, inspiration struck me in a meme sort of way. I really wanted to do an alphabet related movie meme or 30 day challenge, but finding one was more than a challenge I thought it would be. In free moments here and there, I created this meme which I hope everyone enjoys.

As all alphabet memes go, each letter is a theme or question to answer about your love of movies. Feel free to share this on your own blog, and comment with a link to your own list. I'd love to see what your answers and choices are!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alphabet Blog Challenge for Movie Buffs

I was taking a day off from movie reviews when inspiration struck. Memes have always been something I loved, but finding one for movies was a challenge. In free moments here and there, I created this blog challenge which I hope everyone enjoys.

As all alphabet memes go, each letter is a theme or question to answer about your love of movies. Feel free to share this on your own blog, and comment with a link to your own list. I'd love to see what your answers and choices are!

Anxiously Waiting For...
Book Adaptation I'd Love To See
Celebrity I’d Most Like to Meet
Dream Director/Actor Pairing
Essential Classic Film
Favorite Franchise
Genre I Watch The Most
Hidden Gem
Influential Movie That Changed Your Mind/Beliefs/etc.
Just Right Movie for A Rainy Day
Kiddie Movie I Still (Shamelessly) Enjoy
Location I'd Like To Visit
Movie I Know By Heart
Never Seen This Classic Movie:
Overrated Movie
Preferred Place To Watch A Movie: Cinema Or At Home?
Quote that Inspires Me
Remakes - Friend or Foe?
Snack I Enjoy Most
Twist That Boggled My Mind
Unapologetic Fanperson For
Vehicle I'd Love to Travel In
Wish I Never Watched...
XXX Movie I Watched At A Really Young Age
Your latest movie-related obsession