Sunday, May 10, 2020

At the Movies Blog Challenge

Since social distancing began earlier this year, the state of cinemas as we know it was turned upside down. Not only have theaters closed temporarily and permanently, but employees have been furloughed, critics have questioned what the future of movie-going experiences will be like, and flicks slated for release this year have been rescheduled or shelved. It's a bleak moment in time to love movies, to say the least.

While staying home and taking advantage of streaming, *Carrie Bradshaw voice* I couldn't help but wonder about my experiences at the cinema - all of the happy and exciting memories I've made escaping for a few hours in front of a screen. Watching a film with a sold-out crowd or entirely on my own, attending blockbusters, celebrating re-releases, has made up too much of my life to adequately put into words. So with the pandemic still ongoing, and the film industry put on hold until further notice, I thought it'd be fun to do a blog challenge - At the Movies.

The blogathon is simple: Create a list sharing your favorite memories of going to the movies. The post must feature a minimum of five items, but feel free to write more than five and choose any "theme" you want.

It can include experiences at the drive-in, a festival, a tiny independent theater, opening weekend with sold-out crowd at a major cineplex and all alone in a 500 seat auditorium; maybe somebody's reaction to a scene has been ingrained in your memories; maybe seeing a movie helped you going through a challenge or special occasion. The sky is the limit! If you need inspiration, you can check out some of my posts here.

After you publish your post, tag me on on twitter @katyrochelle or leave a comment here and I'll add your post below as a participant, retweet, comment, etc.

Feel free to make your own banner or grab one below (or above) too.

Since everyone is busy during the quarantine, this challenge will be open until June 5th. I'll extend this until July 1st given everything going on - if you want to get your entry in.

I hope to see you at the movies!

Blog Participants

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