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Everything I Love About Captain America in Avengers: Endgame (Part 2)

After breaking down the Captain America and The Avengers films, we're finally reaching the end of my series, which has been an ongoing tribute to Steve Rogers and his arc throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, I'm picking up with part two from covering Avengers: Endgame.

It's hard to believe that we're coming to the end of his series. I hope enjoy! (This post is picture-heavy. Credit can be found by clicking on the images.)


In order to retrieve the tesseract and find more Pym Particles, Tony and Steve have to travel back to  Camp Lehigh in the 1970s. Given that he and Nat find out how Hydra infiltrated SHIELD in The Winter Soldier, "the birthplace of America" doesn't have as much of a nostalgic ring to it as it might have ten years ago.

If it was the other way around, and it was down to me to save your life, now, you be honest with me...

I would now.

And they both save his life and give him the one he deserved. The moment they chose their fate. #damnit

I can't argue with this look.

The three times it worked and the one time it almost didn't

You new here?

How does he look good in everything, even though he and Tony aren't the best spies.

Also, I'm going out on a limb to say that the Camp Lehigh in the 1970s is supposed to have the same layout as the one in The Winter Soldier? and yet they added a popular roadway that runs along the side of the entrance when you originally have to drive up to the entrance directly?...That's an uncharacteristic continuity mistake....that kind of drives me and only me crazy.

The Biggest Plothole?

I understand the rules of time travel like you can't change the future by being in your past and branching off timelines, etc. But does anyone else feel like Tim Curry and Leanne Warren in Clue trying to do the math of how Steve returns all of those stones? He has to navigate four planets and timelines he wasn't apart of, go back to Peggy and return to the present storyline...He grabs four vials in Pym's lab, but if we consider that one vial is for one round trip, and Tony/Steve use one each to get back to 2023, Steve needs at least five more vials to complete his mission. 4+4+2+5=???? The writers were willing to do anything to get Steve back with Peggy, so I can't complain, but I love this alternative version. Because seriously #plotholesmaybe?

I popped something

I was the only one in my theater who put two and two together when I saw 'CARTER' on the door before the camera fully panned over. I LOST MY DAMN MIND.

By this point, after Steve talked about Peggy at the support group, I thought this was a bit nasty. Okay, Tony talking to his dad, that's chill. BUT why would they make Steve see Peggy again and not do anything with it? I just came here to see my boy survive the war and I was feeling so attacked because I was still in denial that these references would mean anything. My heart had no idea what was coming.

We've seen that look before

After Steve sees Peggy's name on the door and turns around, he gives a look exactly like when he first saw Bucky in The Winter Soldier. A simple and natural reaction by Chris, but still an amazing touch. The two people that Steve ends up moving hell on Earth and through time/space to be reunited with are the two people who he thought he had lost forever. I'm emotionally compromised.

From what Mr. Stark has told me, Captain Rogers relied heavily on you. For courage, strategy, and moral guidance. You were his support.

Part of the soundtrack when Steve sees Peggy in the 1970s is from “This Is My Choice” from Captain America: The First Avenger - where Steve crashes the plane and she sees his photo in the folder. Sorry to your feels in advance.


LORD, you can feel the heartbreak through the window. Again, one of Chris's best moments in the film. The angst of seeing her again and not being able to do anything about it is palpable.

I just....*sigh*

Nat was there to make sure he wasn't alone. It's hard to believe she died after saying 'see you in a minute' and sacrificed herself to bring everyone back. I'm still trying to respect the dignity of her choice. #justicefornat


Her sacrifice helps the boys complete the mission, but Tony asking Steve if she had any family was insulting. You've known her since Iron Man 2, for f's sakes MAN. Oh, whatever.....

Here's Steve sad clenching his jaw so much it makes my face hurt.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we take not another step towards annihilation, but the first step on the path to peace.

Just like Steve was made for Erskine's serum, Hulk knows he is the only one to use the Infinity gauntlet. It's a nice full-circle moment when Tony tries to tell Bruce that The Hulk isn't as much of a curse as he thinks he is in The Avengers:
Bruce: So you're saying that the Hulk... the other guy... saved my life? That's nice. It's a nice sentiment. Save it for what?
Tony: I guess we'll find out.

The Marvelous Trinity

Tony gives Steve an assist after Thanos knocks them all down. Then the trio fights each other for the first time in The Avengers. And then they face Thanos together, in what is probably the best fight scene in the MCU. The second they walk towards as Thanos starts his speech, and the score "Tres Amigos" kicks in - *chef's kiss*.

"You want me to put the hammer down?!" Uh, well......

What am I going to do pick up scrap metal in my little red wagon?

I love how much Steve yielding the hammer takes us back to voice-over at the movies in The First Avenger: "War continues to ravage Europe, but help is on the way. Every able bodied young man is lining up to serve his country. Even little Timmy is doing his part collecting scrap metal - nice work Timmy! Meanwhile overseas, our brave boys have shown the axis powers that the price of freedom is never too high! Together with Allied forces, we'll face any threat no matter the size." Don't underestimate scrap metal.
"The hammer was a period at the end of the sentence in terms of his worth." -Chris Evans

We all knew it.

For centuries beyond ken, I have known the company of countless valiant warriors-born—and never have I met one with more nobility, honor or courage than this mere mortal. - Thor Odinson in Last Hero Standing #5 (2005) (Tom DeFalco, Pat Olliffe)

You could have the power of the gods!!

*Hawkeye, mocking voice* "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." - Avengers: Age of Ultron
Sorry Hawkeye, it's not a scam. And to the Red Skull, Steve didn't need the tesseract to be powerful.

Wanda, just like we practiced

Blink and miss you Steve and Wanda using the same move. Steve taught her well in Civil War. And, Wanda's so close to defeating him, Thanos calls his fleet to fire at The Avengers. #girlpower

You can't beat him hand-to-hand.

Steve's nearly undefeatable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. His agility and strength is his best physical assets, which makes Thanos's attack all the more intense. It's almost impossible for him to fight back.

You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed, walk it off.

In the comic book issue Earth-616 Steve's mother says ".. Listen close, Steven... You ALWAYS stand up." That's exactly what Steve has been doing his life.

You could've saved us.

The vision that started it all: The world was left shattered underneath Tony's feet when Wanda first cursed him in Age of Ultron. Steve laid among his broken shield as he told Tony he could've saved them. Fast-forward through Ultron, the disaster of Sokovia, the Accords, the Avengers falling apart, and The Snap to nearly the same moment that could've come true. 

Is this a test?


Kudos on the VFX team and Russos for making the shield whole in the trailers so we wouldn't suspect anything. 

Everything special about you came out of a bottle.

Proxima Midnight's spear was forged by Thanos from a sun trapped in distorted space-time. It never misses its target, but Steve catches it in Infinity War. 

Corvus Glaive's glaive is capable of splitting atoms, but it doesn't destroy Steve.

Asgardian Meade is not suitable for any ordinary man, but Steve can drink it without any side-effects.

The Mjolnir was created by an impenetrable Asgardian metal, which Odin enchanted so only the worthiest can wield it. Stormbreaker is made of Uru metal; it can't be lifted by someone who is not worthy. Steve can.

Little Steve shouldn't have survived the supersoldier experiment, or commanded armies, or saved the world, but he does because he had the character to withstand the serum without side-effects like the Red Skull... Everything special about Steve did not come out of bottle, it just enhanced him.

You start running they’ll never let you stop. You stand up, push back… Can’t say no forever right?

I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough.

I could go on and on with quotes of other characters who underestimated Steve. The first that came to mind is Colonel Phillips in The First Avengers after Erskine's death and Phillips doesn't get the army he wanted. But then there's also Zola in The Winter Soldier: Your death amounts to the same as your life: A Zero Sum.

This is simply exquisite cinematography and special effects encompassing everything Steve and the Avengers have lost and tried to get back - the ultimate stand-off has just begun.


I didn't want you to be alone

Steve and Nat fought side-by-side since the first Avengers. He often used half of the shield to protect her from explosions and monsters. Given that Nat and Steve's first fight began with closing the portal in NYC, it's not a coincidence that the portals opened in Endgame when half of his shield is broken in half. Just as Nat attended Peggy's funeral when they were on opposite sides of the Accords (not even Tony, Vision, or Rhodey attended), she didn't want him to be alone.

Another fantastic moment with Chris. To think, most of this fight is CGI is mind-blowing and a crime they didn't win the special effects. I still would've loved to see Nat in the final battle though.

The price of freedom is high. And it's a price I'm willing to pay alone. But I'm willing to bet I'm not.

The throwbacks to The Avengers isn't only in the visuals. One of the best elements of the portals opening is Alan Silvestri's incredible score. I honestly don't know how this wasn't nominated this past year at the Oscars - it's a crime, really.
"We all need family. The Avengers are yours, maybe more so than mine. I've been on my own since I was 18. I never really fit in anywhere, even in the army. My faith's in people, I guess. Individuals. And I'm happy to say that, for the most part, they haven't let me down. Which is why I can't let them down either." - Civil War


Like he said, Captain's orders. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, wasn't this just the best feeling seeing this in theaters? It's awesome to watch even at home. GAWD.

Are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?

Yeah, I think we are.

War isn't won by sentiment, It's won by soldiers. - Nicholas Fury
We are not soldiers! - Tony Stark
Aren't they though? face

Not missing a beat...

Blink and You'll Miss It

Steve and Thor fighting together is one of the best elements of the whole series.

Like Captain, Like Captain

“Carol falls down all the time, but she always gets back up. We say that about Captain America as well, but Captain America gets back up because it’s the right thing to do. Carol gets back up because ‘Fuck you.’” - comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick

Everything comes full circle

to break our hearts in half. They might've not gotten along. I've even found Tony to be a bit of a beyotch. But damn if it wasn't for Robert, we wouldn't have the MCU or half of the suggestions  which made the films much better than they were in the development stage. We love you 3000.

We'll do that together too.

Honestly, McFeely and Markus pulled out all the stops to make me weep a lifetime worth of tears. Similarly, just like Steve is so relieved to see the team win in NYC in The Avengers, the victory is more bittersweet in Endgame when he realizes exactly how they won.

Not a Perfect Soldier...

Sam might not be getting the full super soldier treatment, but he's still more than worthy to carry Cap's legacy. Even when Steve is left to return the Infinity Stones by himself, Sam offers his help. Not to mention, he was able to see Cap as a veteran, not just someone who was a Capcicle and was completely loyal to him in his pursuit to find Bucky. There's nothing about Sam that makes him unworthy to carry the shield. He's a good man.

I'm gonna miss you buddy.

We've seen these two hug a lot over the series, but this might be the most meaningful. Not only did the writers pull dialogue from Captain America: The First Avenger as Steve leaves to return the stones, but from the scene itself. Bucky's last night before deployment is cut short when Steve applies for the Army again, leaving Bucky to dance with the girls he asked out. In Endgame, after Steve and Bucky say goodbye, Steve finally gets to dance with Peggy. Not only are we getting a chapter closed on Peggy and Steve keeping their date, it was a nice nod to Bucky and Steve's first farewell too.

Even as a Steggy fan, and with The Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney+, I still wish Bucky and Steve had more solid writing in this one. It would've made half of my life as a Steggy fan easier to deal with from all the hate, but also because they deserved it.

You're a terrible liar

Good thing Steve had his head turned talking to Sam and Hulk about returning in five seconds. Like Nat pointed out in The Winter Soldier, he's a terrible liar 'cause he wears his emotions on his sleeve.

I finally rest. And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe.

Thanos got what he wanted. So did Steve (though he's watching the sun set).

Did something go wrong or did something go right?

You all know where I stand with this, obviously. I can't argue about the confusion of an alternative reality or a time loop, but either way - Steve's retirement has been a long time coming. I'm glad he got it. The only thing bumming me out if the fact I have to live in a world without Captain America.

How does it feel?
Like it's someone else's.

With the level of secrecy Marvel and Disney employs with their franchises, most of the actors only receive parts of the scripts. Chris accidentally shared the news with Anthony becoming the next Captain America during filming. They laugh, they cried, they bro'd it out. Pretty much how I saw Sam hold the shield for the first time. It might feel like someone else's, but give it time. And, Bucky and Sam's friendship evolution shouldn't be overlooked either. They're gonna be okay without Steve.

Who's the Girl?

To be honest, I don't know how I feel that Peggy's legacy was treated as a secret from the rest of the MCU. Her funeral was an awkward run-in between Steve and Sharon, and other parts of her identiti ywas left out between Steve and other characters. But it also works. In The Winter Soldier, as Nat and Steve return to Camp Lehigh, Peggy's photo is hanging on the wall and Nat asks 'Who's the Girl?'. Here, Sam asks 'Do you want to tell me about her?'. Maybe some women are just too bad-ass to put into words. So, Steve's like I don't think I will. #sassybitch

They gave Steve and Peggy a 1940s version of Hawkeye's house in Age of Ultron.

The right partner.

8:00. The Stork Club. Don't you dare be late.

I couldn't leave my best girl, not when she owes me a dance.

The war is over Steve. We can go home. Imagine it.

It's been a long, long time.

From Tony's death onwards, I cried every time I saw this in theaters. (And I still do when I watch it, sue me, I'm a nerd.) But on opening night, I WAS BAWLING. My first biggest fear was conquered when Cap lived. And then I was terrified seeing his wedding ring. I thought the Russos would cut to the credits. There's so much nuance to how they look at each other, it's more than just a dance. Marvel ends the Infinity Saga ends with true love's kiss. As Michael Scott once said, "My heart soars with the eagle's nest."

"The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over."

When I wrote about Captain America: The First Avenger, I didn't expect to this to turn into a full series. It's been so much fun tracking Cap's arc, I hope I did a good enough job for anyone who is a Cap fan. I've made updates to the past Captain America posts and added things that I missed before. With Anthony Mackie taking up the mantle, I might continue this in some way about Sam Wilson. (Or another character if you think I should?) I hope you enjoyed my commentary. Thanks for staying with me until the end of the line!

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