Sunday, August 11, 2019

Quick Tv Reviews (Big Little Lies, Animal Kingdom & The Bachelorette)

Big Little Lies, Animal Kingdom, and The Bachelorette recently wrapped up their latest series, and were some of the shows I enjoyed this past summer. None of my reviews contain major spoilers. Have you watched any of these shows or watching something else this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Big Little Lies

I didn't want my lack of excitement for Big Little Lies returning to color my thoughts on the second season, but I was just not crazy about this. First, the season started by fast-forwarding a year, which felt misleading from the trailer showing the characters dealing with the aftermath of killing Perry and lying to the police. For the most part, the investigation surrounding them stopped, and for better or worse, the group had their own issues to handle:  Renata's husband bankrupted them, Madeline's infidelity was revealed, Jane was trying to date again, Celeste started dealing with her mother-in-law Mary Louise denying Perry was abusive and a serial rapist, while Bonnie actually felt guilty about what happened. The performances were decent, but the story lacked the intrigue of the first season of trying to figure out who killed Perry. This season felt like like an ensemble and more like characters just vaguely caring about each other.

Despite Meryl Streep delivering a rare great performance, nothing about this season really stuck out. I don't think it helped matters much that the director's vision was almost entirely shunned and the cast was okay or unaware of how much creative control was taken away. Unfortunately, this will inevitably pop up during the Emmys next year.

Rating: 1/2

I mostly watch this because Shawn Hatosy is HOT

Animal Kingdom

This gif is no exaggeration - it's me watching Animal Kingdom. 

First of all, after four seasons, I still feel like nothing happens on this show. If you asked me to spot the differences between this season and the first, I'd only be able to point out which characters end up dying. Every once in a while Jay or Pope will break free from the pack to do something mildly interesting, but most of the time we're just watching the family wait around to fail pulling off a heist and then magically getting away with it. Smuf's been up to her old tricks again disappearing and reappearing without explanation meanwhile the boys just feel sorry for themselves. Excluding Emily Deschanel playing mind games and wrecking havoc, there's no real reason to keep watching and yet I do.

As well, I hate to be this person, but the more the characters actually do nothing, the entire series just screams white privilege. A whole family of white people stealing from others, doing drugs, and having sex, and then doing nothing at all until the next gig comes along, meanwhile people of color (aka horrible Mexican stereotypes) or women on this show are killed for to keep the lack of a story going. It's just. UGH.


The Bachelorette

Yes, I watch The Bachelorette. No, I really don't invest in it as much as hardcore fans. Mostly I watch it to learn which red flags to look out for and how not to be in a relationship.

Last year, I didn't think Hannah was going to make an entertaining or interesting Bachelorette. She seemed too much like a perfectionist and couldn't form a sentence without it taking an eternity. Over the course of several disappointing weeks where Luke P hijacked the season as the villain of the moment, she proved to be fierce, smart, and quirky. The fact that one person dates 20 people to find "the one" is absolutely hysterical and wrong on so many levels. But it was nice to see someone with a level-head rally her idiot boyfriends to not be losers. Most importantly, TYLER C FINALLY MADE THIS SHOW A WORTHY GUILTY PLEASURE. HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, HE BELONGS IN A MUSEUM. I'm hoping he doesn't go the route of so many prospective hot guys who look okay while they're on the show and then turn out to be scumbags. Because honestly next to Sarah Paulson, he is the only good thing to come out of Florida in the history of the United States.

Rating: ★★☆

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