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I Survived The Ultimate Captain America Marathon

Batman used to be my favorite superhero, and I was mostly obsessed watching every franchise from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan. It's fair to say I was far outside the Captain America bandwagon when The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier hit theaters. And, at the time other movies picqued my attention more like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Hunger Games, and Divergent. When my sister introduced me to the Sentinel of Liberty with The Winter Soldier in 2014, a whole new world opened up.

My first time watching the movie sparked an obsession for everything Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Bucky Barnes, and their whole universe. Two years later and I was quite literally jumping out my pants for the Ultimate Captain America marathon. I didn't know I could get so excited! It was months in the making, and then it was finally here!

Chris Evans reaction gif
The day's line-up was Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War. Having been to movie marathons before, the insane running time didn't freak me out. But it was still going to be a long day.

Probably one of the most important things at marathon is to get good seats; ones with a view that you like and hopefully with a good crowd of people around you who aren't negative nancies or rude. When the marathon sold-out, so my sister and I didn't take any chancesFive movies in one day starting at 7AM. We woke up at 3AM, left home at 4AM to get to theater at 5AM in the hopes we got "our seats" at 6AM when the doors opened. Was I being crazy or just enthusiastic? Probably a mix of both until we arrived a little early before five, and a queue was already forming for seats. CRAZY!!

A lot of people might not think a movie marathon is worth it. You're sitting all day in a theater, when you could be in the comfort of your home watching the movies on dvd. I have quite a few marathons under my belt already like Batman Trilogy marathon, 3 day Harry Potter marathon, Indiana Jones marathon, and Best Picture Showcases, and it's definitely worth it!

AMC Theaters Captain America movie marathon
Honestly, marathons are one of the coolest, most fun events I've done. Not only does time fly super fast, but you usually get some the nifty swag. Talk about ULTIMATE.

In exchange for attending the marathon, fans got a shield lanyard, a hefty Captain America and Iron Man medallion,  a special Captain America and Iron Man pin, and a small Avengers comic book (not pictured!). (The Agent Carter pin is mine.)

Something new was added this year: a merchandise booth. It opened around Age of Ultron, and  different apparel was for sale - t-shirts, hoodies, cups. I opted for the poster which is HUGE, and beautiful, and I can't wait to hang it up with the rest of memorabilia.

Agent Peggy Carter cosplay
Watching every movie in succession creates a magical feeling of anticipation. I don't mind watching a franchise at home, but with our theater entirely sold out, we were just sharing our passion for movies and the Captain America franchise together. It was cool. 

People dressed up including me as 'best cosplay I could put together' Peggy Carter. Everyone laughed at all kinds of different scenes. Prior to Civil War, we talked about what was our favorites (Winter Soldier) and our least (Age of Ultron). We played trivia and had chances to win extra prizes. We encouraged each other not to fall asleep and where to get food on our breaks.

Not having seen the Captain America or Avengers movies in theaters before, seeing them all on the big screen gave me an opportunity to focus on what was going on. At home, I usually get distracted. Starting from the beginning allowed for all the feels to build up as the characters grew and the different parallels weaved throughout the story. The ante for Civil War increased with every movie.

In short, I survived and it was amazing! Below are some brief thoughts on every movie. A full review of Civil War will have its own post since I'm seeing it again ASAP. Hope you enjoy!

Captain America: The First Avenger

Because I love the 1940s and I'm a history buff for World War II, the first installment has a special place in my heart. It's difficult for me to rank Cap's trilogy as favorites. I was as excited to see this in theaters as much as Winter Soldier and Civil War. But origin stories allow us to see how someone's alter-personality or superpowers are born. The First Avenger is light-hearted, adventurous, funny, and sets up everything for the rest of the movies. This one allows us to go back and see how Steve was always a good man before he was a good soldier. It's the core of a classic All-American story.

The Avengers

Initially when I first saw The Avengers way back when, I didn't like it. I know. BLASPHEMY. As it popped up on tv more and more, my taste for it changed. Joss Whedon does a wonderful job combining characters who have their own franchises to face off against Loki. The Marvel Universe feels like it's right under our noses trying to save New York City. But the damage to the city and all of the innocent people is questionable. At first it feels like a good ol' superhero movie, but as the future ones explore a superhero's personal responsibility with what they leave behind, it's a good old-fashion action flick setting up realistic politics.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Talk about a perfect sequel. The reigns handed over to the Russo Brothers is one of the smartest moves in the history of smart moves. Like Christopher Nolan's Batman series, so many threads and parallels go back to the first installment. Watching every movie after another really hits home just how big Captain America's world is when it comes to his buddy Bucky, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Hydra's re-emergence breeding fear. The action and the story is all there. Winter Soldier is amazing.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Who are the Avengers when they walk off the battlefield? I liked Ultron for presenting the superhero's greatest fears, how their pasts haunt them, and what lies behind their capabilities. A lot of this comes to a head in Civil War. However, Whedon didn't tie everything together. He tries to handle too much about their latest mission and what they do off the bringing up Hawkeye's family out of nowhere and Black Widow propping up Hulk. With Steve, his fears and regrets of Peggy are heartbreaking such as the celebration at the Stork Club having so many hints of his PTSD. But a lot of the scenes feel like filler. It's an okay installment.

Captain America: Civil War

Who's responsible for the aftermath of the Avengers' wars? when cities fall and innocent people are killed? Some would say the villains (I do). Stark believes its the superheroes themselves and that the government should keep them in line, charging them as criminals when they act out. Captain America would say themselves but without the government policing their every move. Civil War takes a lot of the issues built in Age of Ultron and it gives more depth with a rivalry between Stark and Rogers. Russo's knock it out of the park by making a layered story filled with action, humor, and heart. I can't even. Just go see it. And, go see it again.

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