Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 New Years Film + Life Goals

Happy 2016, everyone!

What does your 2015 bucket list look like? Mine is sadly incomplete. I've always been someone whose made new years' resolutions, but I'm not a perfectionist about completing every single item. I did, however, like to finish at least more than half. But. . . .last year - I failed.

My inability to get things done is not from a lack of ambition, at least I don't think so. Exhaustion seemed to be at the heart of my lack of determination. There were some hard times that left me in an emotional fog - one that I hope not to let happen again in 2016.

2015 wasn't an entire letdown. I managed to accomplish a little: enjoying long walks around my neighborhood; worldbuilt and plotted more stories; drank less coffee; started a personal writing blog; graduated college; watched nine years of The X-Files in nine months before the revival; covered GeekyCon; stuck to a posting schedule; completed every Walking Dead recap for the latest season so far; kept my Letterboxd account updated.

"Failure" can happen for many reasons. I may not have done all that I wanted to, but I keep trying. Last year taught me that there are goals that just don't fit me; ones I've tried to complete multiple times but nevertheless lose my passion. And, there are right goals too; ones that just need a little bit more inspiration and determination to pull me through.

From 2014 I put into practice what I learned about time management. I figured out more along the way where I really value my time (less social media + less internet + more writing + more blogging). But I also had a major wake-up call: if my bucket list was so empty, where I did spend all of my time? I'm sure there's more I did, I just can't remember it all - which makes me want to create and fulfill more memorable goals for the next 365 days.

Stick to a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Schedule: I enjoyed little series I started like Stars I Love, Hidden Gems, and Fancasting that I would like to keep active. There are some blog challenges I have in mind too. I also would like to do more seasonal and timely posts; topics that fall in line with a holiday, month, or season.

Netflix Watchlist: Almost 50 movies are on my Netflix watchlist, and they've been there for a while. I'm going to be active in actually watching them.

Empty out my draft queue: Let's not get crazy here. There are like 96 posts in my draft queue! On top of my other blog ideas, I doubt know if I'll make a dent. I would like to lessen this amount but am not deluding myself to hit zero.

drink more water;
commit to daily walking routine;
read 16 books;
reach fictional writing word count goals;
handle time management better;
make more geeky crafts;
post more on instagram;
cosplay/dress up for movies like Captain America/Independence Day;
get more Walking Dead actors to tweet me.


  1. Happy New Year, Katy! And good luck with your 2016 goals :D

    I didn't know you changed your URL! I wondered why I stopped seeing your posts on bloglovin', but now I'm following the right feed. You know, you can claim this new url and ask bloglovin to migrate the followers you have on Girl Meets Cinema to Oh So Geeky, if you're interested. I did that when I changed to a custom url.

  2. Hi, Sofia! Thank you so much! I hope 2016 turns out great for you too!
    I'm sorry about bloglovin! I didn't know about migrating fans and will do that asap. :)

  3. Happy New Year! I'm confident that 2016 will be the year that you kick your goals ass! Well done for watching that amount of X Files in that amount of time by the way - I think I'd have to be hospitalised because both Duchovny and Anderson have ~quite~ the effect on me ;) swoon.

    Thanks for your comment on my 2016 to do list post :)