New Years Film + Life Goals for 2015

January 02, 2015


I have no idea what happened in 2014. Honestly. I don't know where the time flew by; so much of it seemed out of my reach that a lot of the ideas I was so excited to jump on board with left me walking the plank before I even started. Some goals were attained, others fell short, and there were plenty more that I meant to make and immediately accomplish but just didn't.

What 2014 taught me the most is time management. Not that I'm particularly a big procrastinator, but I think I just figured out where to put my time more (less social media, more writing + watching). I'm not going to hold myself hostage for having not done everything I planned on starting or finishing, and instead just hope to tidy up my expectations and do better with scheduling my time rather than letting it get away.

BLOG GOALS: One abysmally failed experiment was the 2014 Blindspot Challenge. The spring and summer of this challenge was a breeze until school kicked in mid-August and didn't let up until December. I didn't realize the science of squeezing in these picks over other movies I spontaneously watched to wind down from homework. Needless to say, I carried over the ignored movies of last year with newer picks - to give this another go ahead at 2015 Blindspot Challenge:

Key Largo
Schindler's List
The Shawshank Redemption
Sweet Smell of Success
Mullholland Drive
Lost in Translation
Reservoir Dogs
Gosford Park
Sleepless in Seattle
Before Sunset
Big Fish
This is Spinal Tap
The Royal Tenenbaums

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Stick to a posting schedule. It's not specific with days of the week I'm promising to keep up with due to my commute to school and homework that will inevitably pop up. This is more of keeping track of just writing ideas into posts before a specific date. I've been following this so far this month, and it's been working out so far!

Continuing series & new ones: I really enjoyed shining the spotlight on rising stars, favorite actors and small-known movies with Stars I Love, In Defense Of, Hidden Gems, and Fancasting. There are a few others I plan on starting; it's just amount of fine-tuning them.

Read 15 Books and keep track of them on GoodReads. Also keep track of movies watched (but perhaps not reviewed) on Letterboxd.

Personal Goals: cook more meals; reach fictional writing word count goals; share fanfiction; apply for scholarships and college applications; attend conventions; commit to weekly yoga practice; finish art journals; take long walks; drink less coffee. And, probably a lot more.

For a great year in blogging, thank you: Elina, Ruth, Sofia, Brittani, John, Sati, Courtney, Mettel, Alex, Mariah, Big Screen Small Words, Kimberly, and Kristin,. You all truly inspire me to be a better blogger and film lover. I hope you all have a wonderful 2015!

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