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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ranking The A Star Is Born Remakes

Ranking The A Star Is Born Remakes
The love between two artists surrounded by fame and loss of it is a quintessential theme in cinema. But there might be no other longstanding story in Tinseltown than that of A Star Is Born: the tragic romance of a young starlet who is discovered by a legendary veteran; as the newbie's star ascends to the top, the other one falls. With the massive attention and love director Bradley Cooper's version is bringing to the older renditions, I thought it's the perfect time to revisit the series and rank them - this list is ordered from least favorite to favorite. Which A Star Is Born film is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fourth's Time The Charm for A Star Is Born (2018)

a star is born 2018 movie review
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Every twenty years Hollywood has reinvented A Star Is Born, a seemingly timeless story where a veteran star’s fame declines as he falls in love with a newcomer who rises to the top. From earning standing ovations at film festivals around the world to epic word-of-mouth on social media, director Bradley Cooper and his co-star Lady Gaga has earned acclaim for his directorial debut with the reboot of a tragic Hollywood fairytale. With so much hype surrounding the musical-drama-romance, the fourth A Star Is Born remake not only lives up to the hype but worth all its weight in gold and then-some.

I don't consider this review full of spoilers, but if you're not familiar with the full A Star Is Born plot, it might be spoilerish. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Star Is Born (2018) Trailer Reaction

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Set to make his directorial debut with an ambitious remake of stardom, love, and loss, Bradley Cooper transforms a love story about an alcoholic musician who falls head over heels for an undiscovered star destined to rise to the top. Their relationship is put through the test as his spotlight fades away into the background as her acclaim rises.

After spending years in development hell, Cooper and Lady Gaga are taking La La Land by storm. Is the movie going to be worth the hype? I know all the feels I'm already having, but let's look at the trailer! (This post contains a spoiler dealing with the story of the older films that might have an affect on this one.)