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Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 Favorite Ghost Adventures Episodes

10 Favorite Ghost Adventures investigations
Photo Credit: Ghost Adventures / Travel Channel
The crew of Ghost Adventures - Zak, Nick and Aaron - travel to some of the most abandoned and historical sites around the world to capture supernatural evidence in lockdowns from dusk until dawn.

When you catch one episode of Ghost Adventures, you're bound to call it - at first sight - fake. "The orbs they catch are bugs or dust." "The voices that are recorded are fake." Or that Zak is psychotic. (If you see any of his brilliant over-the-top monologues, you'd agree he really just like catching evidence of ghosts.) I'll agree with only the latter.

I never happened to believe in ghosts nor entirely deny the existence of the supernatural..but the biggest skeptics will find themselves in love with the investigations of asbestos infested and abandoned historical sites. I happened to catch the show one afternoon on a fourth of July weekend, my sister denounced it fake, I forced her to keep watching, and now we've been avid fans for three or four years strong. As another Halloween season is coming, I just couldn't pass by an opportunity to spotlight my ten favorite episodes. These are our Ghost Adventures!