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10 Favorite Ghost Adventures Episodes

10 Favorite Ghost Adventures investigations
Photo Credit: Ghost Adventures / Travel Channel
The crew of Ghost Adventures - Zak, Nick and Aaron - travel to some of the most abandoned and historical sites around the world to capture supernatural evidence in lockdowns from dusk until dawn.

When you catch one episode of Ghost Adventures, you're bound to call it - at first sight - fake. "The orbs they catch are bugs or dust." "The voices that are recorded are fake." Or that Zak is psychotic. (If you see any of his brilliant over-the-top monologues, you'd agree he really just like catching evidence of ghosts.) I'll agree with only the latter.

I never happened to believe in ghosts nor entirely deny the existence of the supernatural..but the biggest skeptics will find themselves in love with the investigations of asbestos infested and abandoned historical sites. I happened to catch the show one afternoon on a fourth of July weekend, my sister denounced it fake, I forced her to keep watching, and now we've been avid fans for three or four years strong. As another Halloween season is coming, I just couldn't pass by an opportunity to spotlight my ten favorite episodes. These are our Ghost Adventures!

The investigation at The Riddle House started with a psychic who had no previous knowledge of the building bringing to light some of the terrible crimes that took place in the attic - a gentleman who had hanged himself or was hung by a round of poker buddies he used to play with. The episode escalates with objects that move on their own accord like the bird cage up against the wall that suddenly falls. Definitely one of the most active evenings we've ever seen!

Bob Mackeys Music WorldAs Zak, Nick and Aaron are proncing around this haunted location we caught something startling and loudly banging on the walls and someone brutally scratching Zaks' back. My favorite moments happen to bring us some of the best quotes by the hosts ever like "I swear on my mother!!..." and "Did someone just scratch me?!?!". And did I mention the rare appearance of Zak's back muscles as he lifts up his shirt?....There's that too.

Ghost Adventures is professional at having the hairs stick up on your arms and neck. One of my favorites chilling moments is at Gettysburg. When Zak scans a thermal cam around after firing blanks from a prop gun, he catches a bodily figure moving into the forest...only the Ghost Adventures crew are the only ones on the field. Sends chills up my arms every time I think about it.

Ghost Adventures has been scratched, hit, and taunted from spirits of the beyond. They've also been possessed once or twice. While their most popular or memorable possession was on Poveglia Island, I always remember Preston Castle. Once housing juvenile boys who were too dangerous for society, a former teacher of the building in its most active days was brutally murdered. Her cause of death was never solved. Connecting with this tragedy more deeply than ever, we watch as Zak explores the building in complete darkness knowing his way around the site better than anyone before...perhaps even the spirit of the slained woman guiding him along.

In the chaotic world of California is Linda Vista Hospital, that when formerly opened had its fair share of tending to victims of gunshot wounds and other violent crimes. Before the lockdown even began, Ghost Adventures caught the voices of a little girl humming in the lockdown. As the crew went over their x-cameras before lockdown, a terrifying scream was captured from within inside the building. The suspense only grew stronger when Nick saw the presence of a ghost in one of the emergency rooms. Definitely one of the most fun yet scary episodes they've ever had.

The sounds of a gunshot firing followed by a woman's scream is horrifying enough. But if you add that a stationary camera caught the sounds on the second floor and no other cameras nor recorders did, at Remington Arms Factory it's a double dose of horrifying yet brilliant. And just to know we're not being fooled by the evidence, Ghost Adventures called the local police department the following day and there was no record of violent gunshot related crimes in the area.

At Magnolia Plantation Lane arrives another one of my favorite most chilling moments. While walking the plantation grounds and being escorted to some of the former slave houses by an employee, they discover that some of the lights are on inside. After asking some relevant questions about the slave house, the lights flicker on and off to indicate "Yes" and "No." The big hook of the moment is there wasn't any electricity that ran through the property. Creepy? I think so.

Zak, Nick and Aaron are as much mystery solvers as they are supernatural investigators. One of my favorite moments comes with their visit at Execution Rocks Lighthouse. Noises and words are being captured throughout the night on their cameras and recorders. While investigating the lighthouse, their PX device - a word database that transfers ghosts' energy into words - leads them to discover that mercury used to seep down into the watering hole of the lighthouse that used to be drunk from. Perhaps it was one of the former keeper's cause of death? We'll never know because the supernatural activity stopped soon after.

The Goldfield Hotel is the place where it all began. Zak and Nick held their first investigation at this abandoned hotel where they caught multiple voices on their recorders and terrifying visual evidence of a brick and metal pole being thrown by an unknown force in the basement. Returning again and again to this location, it's proved to be one of their most active and scary sites of all time capturing more voices, more auras and orbs than any other location.

The Pennhurst State School could be one of the most disturbing pieces of evidence in our U.S. history for the miscaring of the mentally ill. It's one of the many sprawling estates that began to help the challenged children and adults that turned into an overrun mismanaged asylum and was eventually shut down for its violations of human rights.

While exploring the location, Ghost Adventures capture not only evidence at night during their regular lockdowns but also during the day. The events of their investigation include an eyewitness seeing someone moving curtains that are attached to the windows, a desk being thrown across a hallway, and Zak being hit with a deftly heavy coat hanger after being warned it would happen through a PX device. It's one of many locations that though long inhabited by residents still has signs of life inside.

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