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Monday, May 18, 2015

10 Geeky Things That Helped Me Survive Community College

For many students (not judging), drinking and partying is a fun way to let loose from obligations at school. Call me a prude but being hungover or tired the next day never sat well with me. Again, call me lame, but I usually sat at my laptop binge-watching shows, movies, or clips. Sometimes a movie or a funny montage helped me laugh away stress or refocus my attention from endless hours of studying.

For others who are feeling the pressures of academia, and similarly may not be the partying kind, here is a compiled list of favorite things that helped me survive. I hope it may serve as inspiration to keep track of what helps you endure your own desperate or bored days ahead.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Memorable Songs from College

There once was a day when my drive to school was only thirty minutes. Finances and landlords being how they were, my family made a considerable move further from our closest campus: two hours away, to be exact. Since my schedule synced with my sister's, we did a lot of driving together. Though we make for a good pair of compatible road trip buddies, thankfully, we had some good tunes to keep us sane during traffic jams.

While driving home from school the other day I was thinking about how much music impacted my time in school; songs that entertained me during the drawl commute, kept me up late at night to study, and relieve stress. Hope you enjoy this list of memorable songs from my good ol' college days.

Feel free to share! What songs did you love or are memorable from your college experience?

Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Let's be honest: any hit song from her 19 or 21 record could be on this list.