Monday, April 12, 2021

52 Films By Women Challenge - Spring Update

For the first few months of 2021, I challenged myself to start the 52 Films by Women Challenge - to watch one film by a female director every week for a year. It's been a few posts since I've updated the challenge, and thought I'd share my progress so far.

In March, I started providing coverage for the Athena Film Festival, which celebrated female filmmakers from shorts to feature films and documentaries (my reviews and thoughts can be found here). Since life became more complicated offline and ate away a lot of my free time for the challenge, I couldn't quite manage both at the same time. To keep the challenge on track as much as possible, I started replacing the films from my original challenge with projects I was screening - seven in total.

I'm also considering changing my process of choosing the films to watch. However, similar to the festival, I found a lot of freedom of being able to go out and find films to watch rather than stick to a preset of options. I'm pretty happy with the way the list is right now, but I might want to change out some films as I go along. Sometimes I find something on Netflix I had never heard of before and want to add it into the mix instead.

But as of now, I'm all caught up for the challenge and just need to continue watching one movie a week. I'll probably get back to doing a bi-weekly catch-up of the films I watch at the end of April or beginning of May.

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