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Everything I Love About Sam Wilson (Part 2)

We're only a few days away from The Falon and The Winter Soldier premiering on Disney+. Now seemed like the best time to also drop part two of my brief eseries Everything I Love About Sam Wilson as part of my series  celebrating Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Right now, I plan on limiting this continuation to the movies, knowing once the show starts I may fall behind keeping up - though time will tell. Here's brief run-through in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Hope you enjoy! 

Captain America: Civil War

Sam and Nat

I made the case in my last post of how great it would've been to see Sam and Nat together. I like how he draws out more of her sarcasm that we didn't get to see very often. I would've given anything to see more of these missions.

Stick the landing

Yeah, he's no ordinary pilot. And gotta love how he's keeping a running tally of all the hostiles he takes out too.

His Wings As A Shield

Does Sam necessarily need to use Cap's old shield when he has his own? I'm not so sure. It'll probably be smarter and convenient to just give him a costume change with Captain America's colors.


Even though Sam's costume is impressive enough on its own and could show off what he could in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was cool to see another element added to the mix with RedWing - the miniature drones stored in his wings, the GPS in his goggles and ammunition in his wings.

The Accords Proposal

This blank stare is everything as Thaddeus lays down the law with The Accords. Sam's not even giving him the time of day. I can't imagine why - governments and white men in power have never pushed agendas for "peace" before. *sarcasm*

Rhodey vs Sam

It's extremely rare for two characters of color or women to be in a scene together, let alone talk to each other. Most movies, even Marvel, just do it to check off the diversity box. I liked that the writers didn't just force feed this scene; they carry their connection through to Avengers: Infinity War. They took the time to not just make this a purposeful moment for their characters.

To a hell of a lady 

I didn't include the scene before this of Sam nudging Steve during Peggy's funeral as Sharon shows up because the entire thing makes me cringe. Peggy's funeral shouldn't have been treated as a funny gag. Of all the zany comic book arcs to bring into the movies, they include Sharon and Steve, and then brush it off in Infinity War? Ugh. The writers could've done something more meaningful like include Tony into the funeral instead - he was after all Howard's son. There's no way that he didn't meet her or she wasn't a prominent person in his life even through the grapevine.

But I digress. Again, Sam and Nat think alike - they attend Peggy's funeral because they don't want Steve to be alone. 

*that side eye*

Sam exchanges the life he had to go chasing Bucky around the world. If that's not friendship, I don't know what is. 

"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop." Marvel truly chose to spend a whole movie taking the lead from Sam's line in The Winter Soldier and putting it to the test for Steve. Almost every fight scene they have blurs the lines between who Bucky wants to be and what The Winter Soldier turns him into. Sam's side-eye here is close to an 'I told you so' but also respectfully gauging his reaction because he knows how much Bucky means to him.

the job he signed up for

The casual way in which Sam points this out is priceless. Tagging along with Captain America, no matter where his missions take him, is kind of the job he signed up for. Getting pinned down comes with the job description. 

And if you want a simple disguise, go for the classic baseball hat and sunglasses - no one will recognize you at all. 

Remember that one time....

Sam kicked a helicopter? Yeah, me too.

Even when all of the official governments have orders to shoot on sight and kill Bucky, Sam still acts as Steve's eyes and ears from the roof.

Taste of his own medicine

Nobody likes their superhero identities chalked up to a mere costume or hobby. Sorry, Sam. It's a bitter taste of your own medicine.

My Boys

So very few scenes with my crew together. It pains me.

But on the upside, I can't watch this scene without thinking of another classic Mackie blooper.

Forgive but not forget

The only times Sam has interacted with Bucky is in combat - having his steering wheel ripped out of his car and having his wings torn off on the helicarrier. Not to mention that Sam and Steve just tried to save Bucky from authorities shooting him down only to have the Winter Soldier triggered and get their asses kicked. But remembering Steve's moms name is supposed to be enough to forget? I don't think so.

But as much hesitation as he has to stay with Bucky, Sam's still loyal to Steve and trusts his judgement. If Bucky knows there are other Winter Soldiers, there's no reason to at least follow that lead.

Please don't embarrass me

One of the best character traits of Steve Rogers is his ability to look around at his squad and get their input. And so does Sam. He's humble enough to recognize the skills that Scott has and recruit him to their side. Steve certainly doesn't have any reason to question Sam, but I think Sam is just praying for Tic-Tac not to embarrass him too much.

A perfect line

Sam's come into contact with a girl who can move stuff with her mind, a cat, an archer, a guy with a metal arm, a soldier on steroids, an ant-man, a spy, two iron men. But the spider kid is just too over-the-top as far as gimmicks go. lol This is such a perfect line, especially because of the insanity of being at the airport and watching all of those superheroes fight each other.

This reminds me of Peter meeting Dr. Strange in Avengers: Infinity War -

Peter Parker: No. I'm Peter, by the way.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Doctor Strange.
Peter Parker: Oh, you're using made-up names. Um... I'm Spider-Man, then.

Dude, shut the hell up.

He's told Nazis to shut the hell up. Sam's not afraid to tell off a teenager too.

The Odd Couple

I'm surprised by a lot of fans saying that Sam and Bucky looks too humorous in their series together or that Bucky isn't supposed to be a normal dude. Ahhhh, Civil War completely disproves both.

Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say, 'No, *you* move'."

I think Sam really took Sharon's speech to hear in that volkswagen scene.

Sam takes control

Once again Steve looks to Sam on what to do next. It's no surprise that Steve leaves his shield to him - he's always been letting him take the reigns. The difference between Team Cap and Team Iron Man is that the former is made up of people who actually respect Steve and are willing to sacrifice their livelihoods to do it. As soon as Sam admits they won't win this, everyone is still on board for Steve and Bucky to keep going.

the real consequences

After all of the moments that are played for laughs in the parking lot battle, here comes the snap back to reality. Vision takes the first shot towards Sam, which wouldn't taken out his wings and probably killed him. Sam moves out of the way for self-preservation, and Rhodey gets hit instead. He immediately dives for Rhodey trying to rescue him, but he's simply not fast enough. As soon as he lands, he apologizes to Tony because he knows what it's like to helplessly watch a friend get killed. Tony won't take responsibility for this whole mess, but that's expected. At least, Sam tries to.

doesn't hold a grudge

Such a quick scene but it packs in so much - first Sam asks about Rhodes. For as much tension as there is between The Avengers over the Accords, they didn't mean to hurt each other too much - certainly not on a scale of paralysis. Then, Sam challenges Tony to have to Mark Forman on his ass to get him to talk. Lastly, he only gives the details to where Steve is once Tony says he's going to need all the help he can get. Sam is a great mediator between Steve and whoever he's facing off with.

That's my boy

I would also gaze at Steve with heart eyes if he showed up looking this fine to rescue me. Sam knew Steve would be back and not leave them in a lurch.

Avengers: Infinity War

Kicky legs

Someone should make a countdown of all the times Sam swoops down on people to kick his prey - kind like what a falcon does.

The Trio

Nat, Sam, and Steve have one more go together side-by-side as they work together as a team trying to save Vision. Steve holds onto his promise that whenever any of the Avengers needed him, he'd be there. And immediately after the fight, Sam goes to make sure Vision is okay - there might've been bad blood between everyone, but if it's down to saving each other, they'll do it. 


I feel like there's only one way to read this scene and this line - Nat's current boyfriend is watching his gal reunite with her ex right in front of him. Otherwise, why would this scene be so awkward? Except if the writers are just playing it up that Sam has never met Hulk before or everyone has so much catching up to do - which doesn't make as much sense for me. This is awkward.

Taking Down Thanos

There are lot of memorable moments with The Avengers trying to stop Thanos. Steve holding Thanos back with his bare hands, and Wanda trying to kill him usually gets all the attention. So, it's easy to miss Sam trying to gun him down before being thrown to the ground.

The Snap

Don't get me wrong - I like that they have Rhodey looking for Sam. It's a nice way to cap off their friendship so far. In the beginning of Wakanda's fight against Thanos' army, they're the first ones at the barrier covering the battle from the sky. But did they really have to have Sam die alone? when every other character dies next to someone they care about or know - Wanda/Vision, Bucky/Steve, T'Challa/Okoye, Groot/Rocket Racoon, and everyone on Titan. Obviously we know he comes back, but couldn't he have vanished with Rhodey helping him stand up or something? #holdingagrudgeforever

Avengers: Endgame


There's no other way to describe this scene in general other than ICONIC. For the writers to use On Your Left to kickstart everyone returning - it's the perfect moment to pivot what was already an emotional scene of Cap facing off against Thanos alone with a broken shield to the Avengers Assemble line delivery. I mean...ugh.

Alan Silvestri's score

Avengers: Endgame was robbed of so many nominations in the Oscars in 2020 - top among the list was Alan Silvestri's score. The beginning sounds so heavenly as Sam soars above Steve and the portals open, working its way to the full-fledged Avengers theme song. #masterful

Sam's Big Kill

The Avengers vs Thanos' Army moves so swiftly, we really only catch a second of all of the characters making their big kills. Blink and you'll miss Sam swinging in to take down this lug with a kick and then stab him with his wings. LEGEND.

"Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are, not a perfect soldier, but a good man." - Abraham Erskine

Pretty much sums it up. 

Bucky's support

It's not shown in the film, but you can tell that Bucky and Steve talked about him returning to Peggy and what might happen when he returns. Just like Sam is in full support of Steve living a life of his own and finding true happiness (and supported Bucky at Tony's funeral), Bucky's got Sam's back to carry on Cap's legacy. It's such a wonderful evolution of their relationship.


That look on Sam/Anthony's face never gets old. Such a quiet reverance for what Steve is giving him.

It's Your Time Now 

He might be sans super serum but he can do everything Cap does - loyal, reasonable, does not take orders from anyone, compassionate, snarky, follow his instincts, punch Nazis, be a team player and a leader, and he's got a great ass. He's a good man and soldier. We've got your back, Cap.

This series was pretty brief, but it was fun to compile. I'm looking forward to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and hope it's a series that's worthy of Sam, Bucky, and Steve Rogers. Thanks for this checking out! What's your favorite all-time moment with Sam?

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