Thursday, January 14, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks - 2020 Releases

Wandering Through the Shelves hosts a fun series Thursday Movie Picks. Every week spotlights a different theme for bloggers to choose 3-5 picks. This week is 2020 Releases. I have so many movies to catch up with, these picks came pretty easily,  but I'm afraid I'll find other movies I like more in the upcoming month that I'm desperately trying to catch up with that could've been here instead. Either way, here are a few random releases I enjoyed.

Honorable mention: I was going to include Portrait of a Lady on Fire since I saw it in theaters right as the pandemic started...but it was officially released in 2019. I didn't know it would count? Oh well.

Miss Americana

I know, twitter, instagram, here...I'm becoming that Taylor Swift chick. I just like her, and enjoy how this documentary isn't just a behind-the-scenes take on an epic concert or a full "biopic." It tries to unpack her image and what a lot of women can relate to in terms of body image, not being taken seriously, etc. Miss Americana and the Reputation concert were go-to comfort movies for me in 2020. It's one of the few reasons I still piggyback off of my sister's Netflix account. Queen Swift had a hell of a year while we were all trapped in literal hell. lol

Birds of Prey

Could the script been reworked? Yes. Could WB have afforded to do a proper "Birds of Prey" so all of the characters weren't bunched into one? Yes. But other than those slight missteps, this is not as horrifying as all of the discourse on FilmTwitter made it out to be. Cathy Yan's direction and Matt Labitque's cinematography (and Margot Robbie producing) team up to create one of the most unique superhero movies around with an amazing soundtrack, cool costumes, bad-ass stunts, and a cast with great chemistry. Again, I saw this in theaters before the pandemic, and it was amazing. I would've seen it again if the theaters didn't start shutting down soon after.


I'd listened to Hamilton before the Disney+ film was released, but hadn't dived into the fandom or anything. I was totally blown away by everything this achieves on stage, and the vast amount of genres Lin Manuel Miranda packs into the song. I've watched this / listened to the soundtrack a million times, but it never gets boring - I still get the chills at certain scenes, still cry my eyes out to the ending, and my favorite tracks are always changing. It's just the stuff musical fans dream of. 

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