Saturday, March 23, 2019

Trailer Talk: Stranger Things, Toy Story 4, Lucy In The Sky and More

Ready? Get set! Mark your calendars! Go! sums up how I'm feeling over the past week as several trailers dropped for movies coming up throughout 2019. Instead of doing a usual Trailer Reactions post to all of them (Avengers: Endgame will get its own post soon), I thought about just talking about the movies and tv series that are definitely getting some hype this summer.

What do you guys think about these movies? Are there any other trailers I should check out? Let me know if you're excited or disappointed in the comments below!

Toy Story 4

Like so many Disney fans, I've been watching these since I was a little kid....but Woody and Buzz's journey for me stopped with Toy Story 2. While Toy Story 3's ending with Andy saying goodbye to his childhood was bittersweet, I wasn't crazy about the whole movie. Each story has essentially been the same since the original: toys leave home, they get lost or captured, their other friends rescue them, and they're all united again. The Toy Story 4 trailer is charming, and Tom Hanks's ominous comments about his final voice-over day is intriguing. But it does feel like its recycling the other sequels. I'm mostly excited THAT WOODY AND BO PEEP ARE UNITED, which I've been waiting for since Toy Story 3. Pixar will eventually get all the money I throw at it, but I'm not in a race to see this one.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters June 21, 2019

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Without the Weinstein Company throwing its full support into Quentin's corner, it's going to be quite interesting what kind of filmmaker Tarantino turns out to be. It's always been a dream casting for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt to star in a movie together, but even with Quentino's unpredictable style, the tone doesn't quite feel like one of movies. The biggest pull for me is Mike Moh as Spike Lee, but I'm hoping he's more than just a punchline. And the final moments of Leo's character is hysterical. This is only a teaser, but the movie could easily become a Golden Globes contender depending on what the official version is.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hits theaters July 26, 2019

Lucy in the Sky

I'm excited for space movies in general. Every single one lets me live out the fantasy of actually be an astronaut. When one centers on the journey of a female astronaut OMG MY SPACE HEART. I CAN'T EVEN. I HAVE NO WORDS. This is based on the true story about Lucy Nowak, who returned from a mission, had an affair with a fellow astronaut and tried to kill him. It was originally supposed to star Reese Witherspoon under the name "Pale Blue Dot", and the story is supposed to focus on how astronauts lose their sense of reality when they return to Earth. My soul is already in line at the theater.

Release date is unknown

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

My heart is also counting down the days until this is released in theaters. The film was a darling at the Sundance and easily became a favorite among critics. It's already garnered some Oscars buzz, but the talks of race in film and Hollywood that inevitably comes up during award show season will be interesting. With #OscarsSoWhite taking over every year, we'll see if the appreciation for this one holds. But the trailer is absolutely beautiful. Every frame is pure poetry. And with lines like this, "If you leave, it's not your loss. It's San Francisco's," I'm going to need an eternity to recover.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco hits theaters in June 14, 2019

Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things's second season was just okay. It wasn't necessarily terrible, but it didn't live up to the satisfaction of the first season. But this trailer gets me in the feels immediately when everyone surprises Dustin and The Who belts out OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS. The build-up starts out nice with the group still being "kids" before the adrenaline kicks in: Noah saying "We're not kids anymore. What did you think? We're just going to sit in my basement all day and play games for the rest of our lives?" with Poor Will still suffering from being in the Upside Down, to Max and Eleven being friends and everyone facing off in the mall, Hopper saying "I want you to feel like this can still be your home", and then that climatic scene of Dread Pirate Roberts shouting "Happy 4th of July" with the Demagorgon bursting through the high school. This trailer IS THE EPITOME EPIC. My only lose-win-lose situation with this is that while everyone is watching the series, I'll be seeing Hugh Jackman in concert and have to wait until the 5th or 6th to catch up with everyone.

Stranger Things 3 will stream on Netflix July 4th.

P..S I hate Billy and he hopes he dies, but please don't let anything happen to Steve and Will. Thanks Netflix, KBye.

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