Sunday, July 22, 2018

5 Favorite Announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2018

New trailers dropped. First looks at characters were revealed. We prepared to say goodbye to a few of our series's favorites. The biggest weekend on the calendar - San Diego Comic Con - for geeks landed and has unleashed a whole year ahead of amazing new releases  to look forward to. These were my five favorite announcements from SDCC. What movies or tv shows are you the most excited for?

*Spoilers for The Walking Dead are ahead - you've been warned!*

Farewell Andrew Lincoln

To be honest, I happy-cried to this. Because Andrew Lincoln is finally free from the trashfire this show has become and he looks so good too! When Carl was killed off, the series didn't just close a chapter in Rick's life, they closed the book. Which is why it's extraordinarily bittersweet to say good-bye to one of my all-time faves Andrew Lincoln making his exit (through a hoard of walkers on a white horse is my guess). Considering my not-so-secret disappointment in The Walking Dead, I swore I wasn't going to put myself through this again. But this fandom wouldn't have been possible without him as a leader. I want to see how his arc ends (and probably Lauren Cohan's too if she's leaving), even if I won't continue recapping new episodes.

Welcome to the Galaxy

The first few episodes of The Orville left a lot to be desired. Fill with typical Seth MacFarlane over-the-top humor and weak writing, I wrote the show off, but then kept watching it. Luckily, the writing and character developed improved to become an optimistic, fun "little" show to the point it started reminding me of the classic Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest. I hope season two lives up to this trailer.


Fifteen years ago, I remember watching Unbreakable with my mom and never ever imagining that M. Night Shymalyan had two sequels up his sleeve. So, here we are. That said, I'm not so interested in the story as I am with SARAH PAULSON. Yep, that's why I'm seeing this.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 

Just when I didn't think the teasers for Newt's next adventure could have any more hype, the new trailer apparates and shook me to my core. While I'm still not on board with Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald at all, I love the rest of the actors and story, and can't wait for November. As such, I'll also be donating the equal price of my purchased ticket(s) to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in support of Amber Heard.

First Look at the new Doctor

I's the FIRST FEMALE DOCTOR. And, she looks AMAZING. Jodie has so much whimsy, curiosity, and spunk to her. I absolutely can't wait for this new season. My soul is already in full-cosplay brandishing my brand new sonic screwdriver, looking to have some fun around the universes with my awesome companions.

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