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First Man (2018) Trailer Reaction

First Man (2018) Trailer Starring Ryan Gosling
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After gathering even more steam in Hollywood following his award-winning musical La La Land, director Damien Chazelle decided to take one giant leap from Tinseltown to outer space. Teaming up again with human unicorn Ryan Gosling, the two embark on a biopic of prolific astronaut Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon for the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

If you've been following my obsession admiration Ryan Gosling here or on twitter, then you must know that this post was an inevitable. Combining two of my biggest loves - space and the Canadian actor - inspired me to count down the days until the official trailer for First Man would drop. *deep breaths* Now that it's finally been released, it's time for another trailer reaction! SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT.

Based on the biography First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen, First Man documents the life of Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) and his fellow astronauts following NASA's mission to land on the moon. This high-octane biopic is quite the star-studded event with Claire Foy (The Crown) as Janet Armstrong, Corey Stoll as Buzz Aldrin, Kyle Chandler as Deke Slayton, and Jason Clarke as Ed White, and is sure to be one of the frontrunners for the next Oscar season.

Holy Moon people, this defied my expectations. For months I thought this would be in the technicolor vain of La La Land more than adrenaline-junkieWhiplash. Perhaps Chazelle would blend a nice little romp back on space exploration and All-American nostalgia. And, instead we got: BOOM WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON & ITS GOING TO BE SUPER HARD & OH LOOK RYAN IN A SPACE SUIT HOW HOT IS THAT. Everything about this trailer says that this is not going to be a kitsch look back on history but that this endeavor was full of failures, sacrifices, and triumphs, about inventing everything so they could achieve something that would change the world, so hold onto your pens....

0:01 - Is that my ovaries or a rocket taking off? Both. Definitely both.
0:14 "Are you sure?"
0:15 Claire looks like me with that haircut...what was that? Oh my ability to not fantasize for one second flying out the window...
0:16 Look at him bringing his sweater game to the big screen
0:17 "First man to walk on the moon. That'd be something." CHILLS.
0:22 The score is HAUNTING

0:24 "We've chosen a job so difficult, requiring so many technological developments, we're going to have to start from scratch." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
0:26 The group walking in their uniforms is so beautiful, the sun just imploded.
0:28 The shots of the test rocket are actually making me nauseous. DON'T CARE. I'll take a vomit bag.

0:39 THAT SHOT OF HIS EYES WITH THE HORIZON. How many times have we seen this kind of scene before but not with those baby blues!!!
0:40 The mix of the silence with him grabbing the pen = MAGICAL
0:45 "Only after we have mastered these tasks will we land on the moon."
0:48 Ooh, that pan of his legs hanging off of the capsule...
0:52 He's a little bloody and dirty....I won't go there.

0:57 "We're planning on the flight being successful." YEAH BOI.
1:08 The fire, the crying, the failed tests. It's turning into a horror movie.
1:13 "We need to fail down here, so we don't fail up there." You tell them you precious space angel
1:15 "This isn't just another trip Neil." Claire why you so pretty and talented?!

1:27 "There are risks but we have every intention of coming back." The test facility is quaking MAN.
1:36 But his breathing brought me back to life
1:38 Neil hugging his son. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY.
1:42 The sound of him being locked into the capsule. I'M SICK.

1:42-1:46 The montage of his family and the command center counting down IS PERFECTION.
1:52 "Do you question whether the space program is worth the cost?" What is going on with his house being burned down. *wiki that ASAP* HE'S SHIRTLESS
1:55 That clip of him sitting at the desk - the watch, the buzzcut hair, the - OOOH.
1:57 "You're down here and you look up and you don't think about it too much. But space exploration changes your perception." I hope that's what this movie does. SPACE MOVIES MAN.

2:02 Ryan and Claire touching each other's hands through the glass pane. DITTO.
2:07 "We've got this under control." By 99% of the rest of the trailer, it doesn't look like it.
2:09 "You're a bunch of boys and you don't have anything under control." YAAS JANET
2:14 Are they going for authenticity because this is going to give me a heart attack.
2:22 All of that music leading up to the silence of him stepping down to the moon and THEN HIS SHADOW. I CAN'T TAKE IT.
"Ryan and I described the movie to each other as it’s about the moon and the kitchen, which means basically we wanted to tell the story about one of the most epic accomplishments in human history, but root it very much in the intimate and the day to day details of what it was actually like. What did it feel like to be Neil or Janet at that moment in time and going through these truly superhuman kind of events.I wanted to try to tell the sort of epic space movie [story] but root it very much in family and in love and loss and marriage and parenthood and what those things mean.” - People Magazine
And this is how you come for those Oscars. If you didn't believe it between Whiplash and La La Land, I think it's safe to say that Chazelle is a formidable director. You can definitely tell his aim is from the description is translated into the actual trailer and inevitably the official movie; humans taking on superhuman abilities to make history, and how that affects family and the love between Janet and Neil.

The trailer is not the quiet spectacle we probably assumed it was going to be. Instead it's packed with boisterous, dangerous threats of a man in seemingly unconquerable atmosphere to loving, intimate details: its coloring (oranges on Earth to blues in spaces), the dynamite score by Justin Hurwitz (La La Land), the use of silence when Armstrong's in flight, the differences of Neil and his son looking up at the moon, crashing down to Earth and finally landing on the moon to take those first steps. Not to mention Gosling looks gorgeous. He already should have won five Oscars by now; I'm hoping this Oscar season doesn't continue to pull a Julianne Moore / Leonardo DiCaprio on him.  I honestly cannot wait. I think my soul floated up and is waiting in the theater already.

Are you ready to take the leap for mankind? First Man lands in theaters October 12, 2018.

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