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Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018) Trailer Reaction

Mission Impossible FallOut Trailer Reaction
After three years since his last action-packed flick, Tom Cruise is set to return for the sixth Mission: Impossible film. Familiar faces and new threats come to light this summer for Mission: Impossible Fallout. Honestly, it's not a proper summer at the movies without Cruise going rogue and performing deadly stunts to entertain his fans. When the trailer dropped for his adventure as Ethan Hunt, let's just say I was excited. It's time for another trailer reaction! SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT

If you'd told my eleven year old self who loved Mission: Impossible 2 in 2000, that eighteen years later this circus of spies and government agency shutdowns would still be as popular as ever, I wouldn't have believed you. In Fallout, the whole world still hangs in the balance as Tom Cruise and company face-off against another global catastrophe where the Syndicate wants to burn the IMF down. Only in this one, we have Henry Cavill gracing us with his mustache presence. Let's get to it!

0:01 - Cavill is god's gift to 2018, I don't care how much people hate it.
0: 03 - Of course, Cruise would be trapped on the side of a mountain as a tank barrels down on him with seconds to escape
0:08 - I know who this guy is but who the hell is this guy?
0: 14 - Rebecca Ferguson, welcome back girl!
0: 19 - Ethan's probably thinking he regrets the decisions he made three years ago

0: 30 - "And the blood will be on your hands." lol Ethan looks so confused
0: 39 - Angela Bassett, get it girl! Of course, the bad guy escaped.
0: 42 - UGH, Alec Baldwin. I keep forgetting he's in these. Is it too late to get Jeremy Renner back?
0: 43 - WOW, does Henry Cavill know how to walk through a door behind the bosslady
0: 47 - AWWW yeah the bathroom fight
0: 49 - "This is a CIA Mission. You use a scapel. I prefer a hammer." Cavill's the hammer....
0: 50 - They still timed his punches to the music. Well done, editing peeps.
0: 54 - Ow ow ow my back my back my back
0: 57 - I don't know where they pulled Ving Rhames from but it's always nice to see him in these movies

1: 02 - And Cavill is walking...look at the mustache move.
1: 05 - Gorgeous cinematography
1: 11 - "You go rogue, he's been authorized to hunt you down and kill you." lol that Cavill's character's name is August Walker. That's like the friendliest spy name ever.
1: 12 - 1:16 - Cruise vs Cavill - heck yeah
1: 18 - There's that ICONIC run
1: 20 - 1:29 - I can't believe Cruise broke his angle for that scene..and that Ethan is going to jump out of a window because Benji told him to....
1:33 - Classic Mission: Impossible 2 motorcycle chase

1: 38 - Yay, they brought Michelle Monaghan back. It's like a espionage family reunion. WHAT'S THAT EXPLOSION THOUGH
1: 42 - Of course he's standing on top of a building
1: 47 - "Please don't make go through you"...and then he hits her with a car.
1: 52 - Princess Margaret from The Crown took a level in bad-ass
1: 55 - "Ethan this is not who we are." I think we need to reconsider that. Oooh, Ethan's turning to the dark side. Which I'm speculating - do they kill off Monaghan which pushes him over the edge?? *sigh*
2: 00 - Of course, he would jump out of a plane

2: 04 - My new aesthetic is Ferguson walking into a cabin, gun in the hand, hair in the face. She should be the star of her own spy film.
2: 05 - I think she's beating the crap out of Simon Pegg
2: 07 - Cruise vs Cavill fighting on the cliff...At this point, I think they're giving too much away.
2: 08 - "What's done is done when we say it's done." So you're going to be doing these forever Tom?
2: 17 - You load that gun, Cavill. MEOW.
2: 25 - Did Cavill perform that stunt for real?
2: 15-2:23 - Showtime. OF COURSE, he would learn to fly a helicopter and make it look like it's crashing into the side of a mountain. Because it's Tom Cruise and something is wrong with him.

Chases, fist fights, explosions - it's everything you'd expect from a Mission Impossible trailer. However, I prefer the earlier edition released a few months ago, which left more to the imagination but the stakes still felt high. This trailer is more like a collection of scenes where you just don't know what's going on except everyone is hunting Ethan down so he's going to go AWOL. (Also Friction by Imagine Dragons is sorely missed in the new trailer. And I'm disappointed Jeremy Renner isn't going to be in this one too). Fallout is probably my most anticipated movie of the summer, so this trailer isn't going to stop me.
Are you going to accept the mission this summer?
Mission: Impossible Fallout hits theaters July 27th!

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