Friday, October 16, 2015

Horror Movie Survival Kit Inspired by ManCrate

Halloween is the perfect time of year to watch scary movies. A group of high school students are attacked by Ghost Face. A hotel won't let you leave one of its rooms. A family won't leave the house they just bought, even though it's filled with poltergeists or ghosts. As we watch in terror as characters try to evade their serial killers or phantom hosts, at times don't we all think we have what it takes to survive a horror movie?

Well, we're in luck! ManCrates focuses on creating awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates that he has to open with a crowbar. In celebration of the Halloween season, the awesome people at ManCrates asked me to come up with what I would want in my own dream crate that would help me and others make it to the end credits of a horror flick.

There are a few obvious essentials to surviving a horror movie like being familiar with the commandments and carrying a few in-case-of-emergency aids (flashlight, phone chargers, etc). When we're caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, or are pitted against vampires, it's best that we are prepared for anything. Here is a list of tools I thought would be awesome for a Horror Movie Survival Kit. Enjoy!

A Plan
This isn't exactly a "Horror" movie but Shaun of the Dead is a classic zombie flick. As a zombie apocalypse takes over the world, Shaun with his friend Ed, mother, ex-girlfriend and her friends head to his favorite pub - the Winchester - when everything goes down hill. It's essential to survive a horror movie by already having a plan in place, because you end up just running around, screaming your head off and probably end up getting lopped off. The characters who survive the most are the ones who outmaneuver their killers, so have some kind of plan. Have your weapons on hand; lure them to a safe house you know so you can outsmart your killers. In our Man Crates, a blank booklet we could fill out a map for a back-up safe house or list of directions and give loved ones - it's something they can always have on them in case of any emergency.

Nerf Guns & Holy Water
In From Dusk Til Dawn, A priest and his two teenagers are kidnapped by the Gecko brothers, a pair of criminals on the run from the law. Driven to an Aztec-themed bar in Mexico, all breaks loose when ancient vampires start their life-sucking spree. When all breaks loose in the chaotic alehouse, the last few surviving characters have to get scrappy with their weapons - pool sticks, bow and arrow set, and a drill powered wooden stake. Sure a gun with silver bullets might be the common go-to pick but here's an alternative for those who don't know how to use one: nerf guns blessed with holy water. 

Crucifix Dagger
This isn't from a horror movie (that I know of) but it was an idea that came to me. I was surprised it exists in various darker gothic underworlds - in the actual, real world. A crucifix that is also a dagger. It's great for protection as well as a defensive weapon whether the baddie you're facing off against is one of the undead or not.

Nightvision Goggles
Perhaps one of the scariest sequences to take place at night in a horror movie: FBI Agent Clarice Starling is hot on the trails of a serial kidnapper and killer. Wandering around in the dark, she can't see him, but he can see her with nightvision goggles. Whether you're in an apocalypse or just a dirty old house without electricity being chased by a superhuman killer, you have to be able to see at night. It could save your life.

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