Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Is How I Work Blogathon

Fellow blogger Mariah at a A Space Blogdessey changed things up a bit by starting a blogathon about her process and asking us some questions about ours. Inspired by other bloggers, she asked us to join in a challenge to show us how we work. Thank you to Mariah for hosting this blogathon. Enjoy the look behind the scenes about how this blog survives staying active every month.

What apps can my not live without? Netflix seems like a pretty obvious one to give a shout-out to. I also really love WPS Office, which allows me to write and edit documents. Sometimes writing is much easier on my tablet punching in every letter one by one rather than facing my keyboard and a blank screen. Google Keep is also easy for creating small notes and ideas in one place.

What is my favorite blogging app? Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest. This one may also qualify for the first question but I can just spend eternity on Pinterest (and sadly, miss out on living my own life!). Inspiration is so easy and addictive to find not just for blogging but nearly everything.

What gadgets (besides my phone) my can't live without? Funny enough I could probably live without my phone because it doesn't have internet. (Yep, living in the stone age people!) My LePan tablet was a cheap nice little purchase last year. It's easy to use, light-weight, and is great for reading books offline and watching movies. It nearly replaces a smartphone, if I had one. My Canon Powershot has somehow survived in my care for almost five years. I've dropped it so many times and it still works. The memory card holds thousands of photos and videos with always enough room to spare. I take it with me everywhere because I never know when a picture-perfect moment will appear.

What lifehacks make my life easier? I sound like such an old far but I love to take an afternoon break with a bike ride and then sit in my drive-way watching cars and people go by. For a (now college graduated) student, spending most of my time at home for work and school can be a real boring routine. Not only is it nice to go outside and see the world from my own backyard, but as a introverted hermit to the max, it's good for me to clear my head throughout the day.

Where do I get my news? Is it wrong for me to admit: Twitter? I just follow a lot of news-aggregated tweeters, so general news and sites devoted to film are always coming across my dashboard.

What are my favorite social media apps? Tumblr and I have a love / hate relationship. Some days I love sitting and reblogging to unwind. Other days I'm stumped with why am I on there when I could be writing or doing something else. Instagram would probably be a second favorite. I love to see how other people are enjoying life, especially following celebrities and seeing where they are in the world promoting movies, or books, and seeing how creative people get with photographs.

How do I blog? Process is not really something I've worked out. Posts usually start with a few thoughts scribbled down until they are constantly edited into something. 80 of my ideas are in my draft folder for this site alone!  Movies are easy for me to talk about but hard for me to put into words. Reviews take the longest to publish, sometimes I never publish something about a lot of movies I've seen. I never know quite how to organize my thoughts on how a movie made me feel versus how the movie was made.

I like to think even when I'm not at my laptop or on my tablet, I'm blogging or writing most of the time. Maybe it's the English major side of me but throughout the day and late at night, I'm always thinking of posts or writing something to be published somewhere online.  If I'm not doing something electronically, then it's just me with a notepad and a pen and the world fueling ideas for later.

What is my day job? Mostly, I work from home. While in school the past few years, it wasn't really a choice. Many places"hiring students" often fired us after realizing we weren't lying about being students only being available for a few days of the week. I had to get a little resilient! My etsy store does well for itself, as well I sell on ebay, write articles, and generally spread myself too thin! lol

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