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Friday, November 6, 2020

Quick Reviews: Shows I Watched In Lockdown (Part 2)

Since the Coronavirus lockdown started earlier this year, there's been more time to watch new television shows and revisit some of my older faves. I didn't think there would be so much time to watch as many series as I have so far, or that we'd be eight months later since March still trying to get control of the Coronavirus fall-out. 

Below are my quick (mostly disappointed) reviews of shows I watched over the summer. Spoilers are included for The Office, Ratched, The Boys, Lovecraft Country, and Watchmen.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The One With My Favorite FRIENDS Episodes

Favorite FRIENDS Episodes
On September 22nd, 1994, a tiny sitcom named FRIENDS debuted on NBC. This year marks the 25th Anniversary since we first saw the gang reunite in Central Perk. *Chandler Bing voice* Could you FEEL any older? I know I do.

In celebration of the series 236 episodes, laughs, happy tears, shocking moments, quotable lines, lesbianism, hook-ups, I compiled a list of my top fifteen favorites. (There's no doubt, I could've kept going for a few more posts, but I had to stop the list somewhere.) Which episodes do you love the most? Let me know what you think!

Side Note: This top ten list is in addition to my favorite FRIENDS' Thanksgiving episodes, which easily would have taken up half the spots here. Only one makes the final cut in a pivotal spot.