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Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Fictional Planets I'd Visit for a Summer Vacation

Who's looking to get away this summer? *raises hand* But staying on our planet isn't exactly what I have in mind. Unless you've been living under a rock, things have been pretty tense here on Earth. Which made me wonder how I could hyperdrive out of this mess. Last year, I held a dream vacation blog challenge, and that inspired me to think of maybe traveling to a galaxy or two, far, far away. Here are five planets I'd love to visit for a summer vacation.

If you could travel to another (or alternative) planet for a summer adventure, where would you go? Feel free to share in the comments! I'd love to read your picks.

Themyscira from Wonder Woman

Paradise Island isn't on another planet. It's technically located in modern-day Turkey, and for the new Wonder Woman movie, the production was inspired and set in Italy (another pick on my list is too below). Who wouldn't want to go to an exotic island filled with female warriors supporting each other and kicking ass? Could I get train-like-a-Greek-goddess vacation package, please?

Monstropolis from Monsters Inc

I'd love to take some time off from being a human and get scaley, maybe grow a few eyes, and legs. Making kids laugh or help capture the power of their laughter to keep Monstropolis's lights on, well count me in! There's also the possibility of being an exchange student at Monsters University too.

Gallifrey from Doctor Who

As aspiring companions and Doctors, I feel like we hear about Gallifrey so much but never actually visit the Doctor's home planet unless it involves some grave tragedy. I'd definitely love to spend time here, preferably before or long after the Last Great Time War against the Daleks to help defend or rebuild it.


Zootopia mixes different habitats ranging from meadows and the desert to jungle and arctic. Like the Hogwarts's sorting hat, I'd love to which kind of animal I'd be and if I could survive in the city. I always thought of my patronus as a duck, so I'd love to know what world Disney Studios would've come up with. But I'd definitely want to turn back into a human at the end of this experiment though.

Naboo from Star Wars

This is a fictional paradise if I ever saw one. I love the mixture of the meadows with the waterfalls, and Padme's palace is on the cusp of an ocean. I'd love to just drop by her digs and hang out for a few weeks. And, it's nice to know that this place kinda exists in our realm. Naboo's look was heavily inspired by Italy. So maybe one day I'll actually go there.