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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Fitting Bon Voyage to A Late Late Night King

Last night was the final episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I really couldn't believe his announcement earlier this year to leave his late night talk show came so quickly. Luckily, thankfully, and surprisingly, it was not a departure that I thought I would struggle hard over - so far.

Watching his interviews on YouTube all the time really helped - it sorta feels like he hasn't really left.
Of all the late night talk show hosts, Ferguson is top of the shelf. For so long, he did his best hosting a show in the basement of CBS Studios. He didn't have a voice-over announcer, sidekick, or band.

Even in his last days, he didn't have a real band or any of the fancy things other sketches or games that other hosts have the ability to implement. He did it all on his own: interviewing celebrities on the fly, without the weight of a publicists list of demands of questions to avoid or promote. His monologues were always cold opens. And, for the past six years, he made a comedy duo with a gay, talking robot and two interns in a fake horse costume.

What I respect most about Ferguson was despite how wacky and non-sensical his humor was, and he took it to the extremes of what the censors would let him get away with, Ferguson is a class act. He didn't speak out of line of where his voice didn't need to be lended on politics or late-night wars. He always approached sensitive subjects with charm and self-awareness. His wisdom and the challenges he faced in his life like drug addiction and his triumph of becoming an American citizen were great avenues of seeing a serious, considerate man behind the zany, off-beat talent he has a comedian.

His last show this past Friday was truly wonderful - a considerate, easy transition of a man stepping away from the desk without it having to be dramatic or morose. Opening with all of his friends banging on some drums, thanking the fans in his opening monologue, and then continuing the show with his regular schtick of tweets and emails, and an interview with his final guest Jay Leno. It didn't make us feel like this was the last time we were ever going to see him, Ferguson was conscientious of letting his final show be exactly as he ever was: funny and hopeful. It took us out of what's going on into the world and let us sit back and enjoy the ride; which is pretty much the last ten years was. Just sitting back, chilling out, not feeling like we were being promoted movies/tv shows/albums and letting the chips of insanity fall where they may.

Thanks for the ride, CraigyFerg. Can't wait to see what you do next, as always. Keep on banging your drums, man. Tomorrow's just your future yesterday