Sunday, October 17, 2021

10 Favorite Frames From New The Batman Trailer

Before my embarrassing well-documented obsession with Captain America, Batman was my #1 superhero. Like so many, I've been reading comics and seeing his flicks in cinema since I was a kid. Of which, compared with almost all other dudes donning a cape and mask, Bruce Wayne has appeared in almost thirteen live-action adaptations - at least nine are his own films. When it was announced that director Matt Reeves would helm another iteration, a part of me thought UGH, AGAIN. Especially, since I'm not always on board with the current state of the DCEU. #blasphemy 

As the casting came together for the next film, that same doubtful part of me grew infinitely intrigued. First, they had me at Robert Pattinson. If you follow me on twitter or my letterboxd reviews of his films, you know of my love for his odd charisma. Then, the perks kept piling up - Zoe Kravitz joining on as Catwoman years after facing casting treatment for a previous Batman film, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth.

After a year the teaser was released online, the trailer (watch it in 4K!) finally dropped during this years DC FanDome. And Holy Here We Go Again, I'm counting down for 2022 and thought it'd be fun to highlight some of my favorite frames. The cinematography by Greig Fraser left me jaw-dropped. What are your favorite shots from the trailer? Are you excited for Matt Reeves film?

Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky, it's not just a call. It's a warning.

When James Gordon needs Batman, he lights his symbol into sky. Typically, it puts everyone on notice of the danger lurking in Gotham and hope that he'll be there to take care of it. But this time, it's splendidly blurry, immediately kicking off the trailer with an ambiguous tone. Batman's on the loose to hunt the bad guys, but is he going to be enough to take them down?

The shot is immediately followed with a light silhouette of Batman. The color tone of black and orange (or red) is the biggest theme throughout - black symbolizing night, darkness, the abyss in a sense, contrasted with bursts of  bold and bright oranges signaling illumination, changing seasons, fire, hope. 

"This is a powder keg. And Riddler's the match."

There's plenty of actual snippets of Zoe donning various wigs and costumes. This quick shot of her shiny leather boots is such a strong reminder of Michelle Pfieffer's Catwoman costume from Batman Returns, how could I not include it? Her wardrobe is going to be amazing.

Absolutely and immediately an iconic for comic book fans, if you ask me.

White seems to be the color for The Riddler (more on that later). The spray painted venn diagram could easily fit this type too for the character. Is he investigating the wrongdoings of his father? Gil Colson - Gotham's district attorney? How does Mitchell play a role in one of Riddler's games?

"The darkest night is just before the dawn." - Harvey Dent 
Just how well does Gotham survive all this chaos?

The internet went into a tizzy about on-set sightings of a stunt double on top of Liverpool's Liver Building. It's so sneaky for Reeves to throw in a POV jump into the mix.

The grim of combat camouflaging the only parts of Bruce we get to see outside of his mask. *chef's kiss*

There's plenty of combat throughout the trailer. But here, it looks like Batman is lighting the way for others to follow? We'll have to wait and see.

We are offered very few glances of Paul Dano as The Riddler. Rumor has it - he will be more like a Jigsaw-type character from Saw. Gone is the cartoony purples and greens so far. When he does appear in the trailer, he's in black, red, and stark stark stark white. It's a chilling choice given that the latter represents innocence and purity.

"I got you! I GOT YOU!"
[Batmobile bursts through an inferno]

Bullets, punches, a city on the rampage, and madmen aren't going to keep him down for long. When he comes back, it's with vengeance and fury. While most of the trailer shows Bruce brooding and fighting as Gotham goes up in smoke, there's some weird level of comfort that he's still there to take down The Penguin after all of the hell the trailer explodes with. But that last frame signals the Batman 'we grew up' watching is gone. A new era is coming.

I can't wait. The Batman releases into theaters March 4th, 2022.

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