Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday Movie Picks - Romance Tropes Edition: Fake Relationship

Wandering Through the Shelves hosts Thursday Movie Picks. It's a weekly series where bloggers post and share various movie picks every Thursday. 

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This week is TMP Television Edition: February 4 - Romance Tropes Edition: Fake Relationship.

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Advice columnist Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) and advertising executive Ben Berry (Matthew McConaughey) enter a fake relationship for different means - she's using him to write a column about how to lose a guy in ten days, and he's trying to make her fall in love with him to win a client from a rivaling ad team. The antics Andy goes through to reign in Ben and then try to get rid of him are pretty hilarious, and I'm always down for a Matthew McConaughey flick, even rom-coms. They have great chemistry together too.

Mr and Mrs Smith 

John (Brad Pitt) and Jane (Angelina Jolie) work as assassins at adversarial agencies. Their relationship looks perfect from the outside, but they only use their marriage as a cover story. Everything they know about each other is wrong - Jane's parents at their wedding were actors, John isn't Jewish, and so on. I haven't watched this movie in a long time, but the chemistry they have is a lot of fun.

My Best Friend's Wedding

I'm actually not a big fan of this movie - the lengths Julia Roberts's character Julianne will go to break up an ex's wedding is pretty cruel, but Rupert Everett lightens up the film's mood. His character George shows up to support Julianne and ends up pretending to be her fiance. George having the entire restaurant break out into I Say A Little Prayer for You is rom-com gold.

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