Saturday, January 9, 2021

2021 New Years "Goals" + Looking Ahead

It's 2021. I don't know what else to say.

But some good things happened in 2020: 
  • Thanks to my membership of the Online Association of Female Film Critics, I received a lot of screeners which kept me watching new movies. 
  • Was accepted to cover MegaCon Orlando in April before the pandemic - it was postponed but it was nice to make the cut as media.
  • Held a blog challenge celebrating movie theater experiences when COVID felt like a two-week stay at home order before we'd go back to the cinema
  • Received a few sponsorships for my Harry Potter blog, which I'm working to close down this year or just use it to spotlight LGBTQ+ books and authors (#effujkrowling)
  • Gained way too many celebrity crushes - namely Donald Glover, Keegan-Michael Keene, Robert Pattinson
But I was ready to start looking at 2021 with more hope, but my family didn't even get to finish January 1st before someone slammed into my sister in a hit-and run accident. Luckily, she's fine, but I'm still taking care of her because she's suffering a mild concussion. Her car was totaled, and it was a miracle that she wasn't killed or that when the other car propelled her into oncoming traffic, she wasn't hit again. So, I mean....It's been a long year so far.

2020 was full of surprises - to say the least.  I guess I should've taken a hint that either timing the Endgame portals to open at midnight on December 31st or getting laid off last January to not set my sights too high.

This blog is just chugging along, and so am I. If I had to make a list of goals, they would include:

+ Moving out from my current living situation. I just want to move on from Florida aka the ninth gate of hell. I hope to still blog, but I don't know how much time will be devoted to working to save up and leave....unless I win Publisher's Clearing House. *crossing my fingers*

+ Lose the pandemic stress-weight. lmao

+ Keep up my social media boundaries. I've curbed my knee-jerk reaction to retweet stuff on twitter to just feel something or stay up on the trends. It also helps that a lot of followers have muted me, so I don't have to vie for attention anymore. lol And after I deleted my Instagram for a few months last year, I feel better going at my own pace and felt my anxiety decrease ten-fold.

+ Read 25 books. 

+ Watch a lot of movies - From screeners to catching up on new 2020 movies and rewatching a lot of films that are on my mind, I have a feeling I'll try to watch at least one movie every night this year. I'm also participating in watching 52 Films by Women Challenge and Thursday Movie Picks.

+ Write all of the things. I'm working on a young adult book, and I have ideas for songs, poems, and scripts that I'd like to just to get out of my head. I'll probably blog about those on my writing blog.

+ Finish Atlanta and then watch Pose, Claws, and Schitt's Creek next.

If you're reading this, and since I've published this, we both survived a global pandemic and Idiocracy for a year. So, I feel that's enough? I have goals, but I also don't have goals for the new year. I want to take the things I learned and affected me last year - all of the rage, vengeance, anger, loss, regret - and channel it into something. But most days, I also just want to get through the day.

Be nice, 2021. Just chill the hell out.*

* I wrote this before the insurrection at the Capitol. Oh well.

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