Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 New Years Goals + Looking Ahead

A new year is almost here. So it's time to reflect about last year's resolutions and make new ones for the new year. I honestly anticipated to have stopped blogging in 2019. Yet I somehow managed to do more than what I set out to achieve or thought was possible.

The Good

2019 was a wild year of experiences I never expected to happen, and a lot of goals that I happily met. I think turning 30 in December was a big motivator for me. *sobs into the void*

Goals I managed to complete last year: saw Hugh Jackman in concert, finished Game of Thrones before the last season started, won tickets to Florence and the Machine, attended MegaCon Orlando, visited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and survived Halloween Horror Nights. And I met John Barrowman and David Tennant!!!!! They're still the highlights of the year for me.

I also completed a 30 day Yoga with Adrienne challenge - I missed a few days but instead of giving up, I pushed through. Now I do yoga a few times a week as it helps with anxiety. 

Hit my 20+ book goodreads challenge. This is the first time in forever I met one of my reading goals.

I failed to limit my coffee intake to the weekends, but I managed it more than I thought I would. Drinking tea was helpful as I enjoyed the variety of flavors more, but coffee is still that vice I have when I'm stressed out, which was a lot this year.

The Bad?

My plans to save for a better camera and start a YouTube channel was nixed earlier this year. I had to visit the emergency room after an allergy attack, and paying the bills ate most of my savings because #nohealthcare - which I'm still paying off. So...yeah that sucked.

Which brings me to, I'm trying to find a balance for blogging in 2020. I mostly work from home (at my computer), and for the past few weeks, I've been getting headaches and nausea while working and even blogging. We're not sure what the reason is and waiting to see if I should see a specialist, or just spend way too much time looking at various devices.

Sometimes I feel all over the place though. I feel bad that I can't get out to the movies as much as everyone else to stay relevant, and I often get a nagging sense that my posts are never quite snarky/smart/good enough as they could be. I feel like I'm going to take blogging on an idea-by-idea basis at the start of 2020, and see where it goes, especially with YouTube.

2020 Goals

+ Movie challenges: Instead of a general to-watch list (which I failed in 2019), I'm excited to start a Disney challenge and 30 movies challenge instead.

I've wanted to reconnect with watching movies from a less critical point of view, and animated movies were the first thing to come to mind. From classic Disney movies like Snow White to Pixar, I hope to go through as much of Disney's animated catalog as much as possible.

My other challenge is 30 movies since I turned 30 in December. Movies have often taught me something about myself that I didn't expect, so I selected some movies to reconnect with (list is in progress).

+ Get my own car. I don't know, I've started a GoFundMe because I need my own car to get a better job outside of my house, etc. #losingmyshit

+ Actually, write books? Too many book ideas sit on my computer unfinishedl. I'd like to hit a first draft or more. Ironically, I've started a writing blog to go with it and help me stay motivated.

+ Journaling. I stopped in 2019, so I have A LOT to catch up on.

+ Read 25 books. I'd love to not just hit this reading goal, or surpass it, but read and then donate a lot of books I own but haven't touched in years.

+ Lose weight for me. Not for other people, not because of the patriarchy, just for me and to feel better about myself. Mostly just stay consistent with exercising, yoga, and eating well.

+ Make more eco-friendly choices - less plastic water bottles, less products that have one-use, more recycling, conserving energy, giving to environmental causes.

+ Figure out what being 30 means. Some days I feel so young, I don't feel like I'm 30; some days, I feel as way too old and tired to move; some days I feel too far behind compared to everyone else my age. I don't know what's special about turning 30 like most people say there is....but I'll figure it out.

In typical Mean Girl fashion, I wish I could bake a cake of rainbows and smiles, and we all find our happy place in 2020. I'm grateful for you to stop by my blog, comment, and for some to have even reached out to me for screeners and interviews. Thanks for being apart of the hellscape that was 2019, and I hope my blogging or exasperated rants and raves on twitter somehow make 2020 a little saner for you too!

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