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The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Reaction

San Diego Comic Con is underway for 2017, and obviously, one of the biggest announcements to look forward to what The Walking Dead has in store. Unlike season seven's dreaded trailer reveal last year, season eight looks absolutely killer. It's actually the first time in a long while I'm excited for what's ahead for Rick and the gang, and couldn't wait to start a trailer reaction.

This post contains spoilers. Here is the full trailer 'cause there's a lot to talk about!

The Story

The eighth trailer is no-holds-barred showing us all of the crazy plans our groups have in trying to gain the upper-hand and end this battle in victory.

Negan, of course, opens the trailer with one of his blatant threats to Father Gabriel, before it moves onto a pensive Rick and all hell breaking loose. In hoping that most of this footage isn't just from the first episode, this season seems like it has the potential to keep us on our toes.

We last left the group dealing with Sasha's death and the all-out war against Negan. Bullets flew as The Kingdom and Hilltop Colony moved in to help Alexandria gain some ground. The Saviors eventually retreated back to their compound as Maggie and Rick readied their people for war. They definitely have some interesting tactics up their sleeves this time around.


Flashes of Awesome

A collage of moments from explosions to great quotes, and characters looking pensive (of course), made up a majority of the trailer. Here's a flurry of moments I caught that were just plain awesome:
  • "Music for Pieces of Wood" by LSO Percussion and "Prisoner's Song" by the Dropkick Murphys
  • The sun setting behind Rick as he's staring into the abyss. #classicgrimes
  • Rick and Maggie on the look-out
  • Shots of Rosita and Michonne, also Carol and Tara. It's nice to see female characters who have rarely, if never, interacted before finally be together. I guess this is what happens when the character pool thins out
  • Carol looking over her shoulder while Tara wear sunglasses, chews on a Twizzler, and writing something down
  • Zombie is distracted by a garbage hanging on a tree - gotta be something bloody in there, right?
  • someone gets kidnapped
  • Dwight receiving messages from someone - he's still on our side
  • the gun marked with tally marks
  • Aaron's shield on the car
  • Tara feigning to shoot her gun
  • Morgan teaching Jesus how to fight
  • Daryl and Rick going on a run or scavenging the compound
  • Caryl together again
  • "Trust the king." - Ezekiel
  • "I don't die." - Morgan
  • "I've been fighting since the farm. Can't stop now." - Maggie
  • a fight breaking out between Rick and a Savior
  • no sign of Eugene



Possibly the most talked about moment is the ending. After all the action takes place for nearly four and a half minutes, a much older Rick sporting a Santa beard wakes up. A cane is leaning up against the wall. As the series continues to variate from the comic books, season eight has a major flashforward prepared.

Before we move onto what the time jump means, I gotta say as beard connoisseur especially for fictional characters, this left me speechless. Even Noahs Ark Rick via season five was better than this. Clearly, we can tell where his natural hairline begins and the fake hair is added on. I just don't know what they did to him....

If we have to move onto something more important...One of the graphic novel's bigger twists is jumping ahead to the communities working together, trouble has temporarily simmered down, and Negan is being held prisoner. He hasn't fully disappeared without creating more damage, having broken Rick's leg and forcing him to use a cane for the rest of his life.

The trailer's ending might give us a definitive clue that this isn't a dream sequence or wishful thinking fantasy.  Filmed almost identically to the series premiere, the creators seem to want us to think Rick might be waking up from his coma. As well, the grime of The Walking Dead's titles are completely white, quite literally wiping the slate clean to link the change to the comic issue A New Beginning.

As Grimes says in the trailer, "Jesus told me that my world was going to get a whole lot bigger. And it did," Rick actually lives to "growing old together sitting around the table at Sunday dinner". The big question might just be where and when this moment take places: at the beginning of the season to throw fans off, at the half season mark, or at the end to kick start season nine? Deanna's plans for a true safe zone might be coming true, but is moving ahead the adrenaline shot the show might need to mend the declining ratings?


The Group's Future

If the proposed time jump comes to fruition, security for the group seems to be secured. More enemies eventually spring up; as we know true peace never lasts long. So how will details be filled in between the war and this newly achieved sanctuary?

The series is more of a conglomeration of original ideas than a spot-on adaptation of the comic book. If we're jumping ahead, many more questions pop up about what takes place off and on screen.

As Gimple revealed, "....we might see some of that stuff; it might not be the same sort of jump", so this really gives us pause of what might happen to some of our favorite characters. We don't fully know how far into the future we're going - two, three, five years?

It's sad to think we'll miss out on some major moments like Maggie giving birth or seeing the communities work together. Carol has inhabited Michonne's role from the comic books taking interest in Ezekiel and eventually setting sail to get solitude. Will she still be around in the flash forward? The group's future might be a lock, but it could be a very different gang than who we're used to. I hope to enjoy the survivor's antics and scenes together, 'cause who knows what the future has in store.

Overall, the lack of Glenn and Sasha still lingers. The show seems to be missing a lot of personality that it used to have from killing off so many meaningful characters. I'm still hanging around for a lot of tertiary faves, and it's easier seeing everyone reunite. I can only hope that the second part of their war brings much-needed needed excitement that was lacking last year.

What did you think of the season eight trailer?
Are you excited or disappointed for what lies ahead?

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