Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Years Film + Life Goals

2016 was one hell of a year - a spectacle we couldn't help but watch in slow motion no matter how much we tried to avoid it. Many events will make it memorable: cinematic disappointments (Suicide Squad), nostalgic surprises (Stranger Things), political train wrecks, protests, the loss of icons - to name a few. If I ever have kids and they ask me what 2016 was like, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have enough words to describe it - confusing, bombastic, heated, inspiring, one for the ages.

To keep the chaos a little controllable and sobering, I had a wee list of things to do: matched my reading goal, committed to daily walking routine, drank more water, post more on instagram, survived the Captain America marathon, and perhaps the big one of all - dress up as Matt the Radar Technician for Halloween.

Like all good, bad, and the ugly things the world endured, they have to come to an end. Or at least roll over into a new start. 2016 put us through a lot and we were all ready to wave Bon Voyage.

But pointing fingers or throwing my hands up at a set of numbers also made me realize the kind of power I want to give 2017. And that's to see how much I can throw at it and see what it can withstand rather than the other way around. Create, read, watch, write, speak up, donate, work harder, relax better, wrangle my anxiety, try new things. If there's one impression the past twelve months and a bad-ass woman left on the world, it's not to have time for bull. There's no better time like the present.

+ Start A Bullet Journal. *hopping on the bandwagon* My journals are a bit messy, they have a rushed collection of lists and thoughts - but they are also too disorganized. Bullet journals looks like fun and might help me organize a few notebooks.

+ Read 17 books. My next goodreads challenge.

+ Keep up with Walking Dead recaps and Wonder Women series.

+ More Instagram. I just really like it.

+ Cosplay/dress-up for Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Wonder Woman (2017)

+ Complete my to-watch list. So many movies I desperately wanted to see ended up with limited releases, so I missed a lot of 2016 movies. And, the other half of the list are movies I always felt like watching but forgot. Can't wait for a time in the future when I think of those same movies and go "Hey, I saw that! FINALLY."

+ Write more movie reviews. I fell a little behind with this last year, failing to put into words what I thought about a movie or not feeling they were terrible enough to warn people against or inspire to take a chance on. So I'm gonna try to do both a little more.

+ Follow a Blog Calendar. Ideas are great to have, but I'd like for them to do more than pile up on each other in the draft section.

+ Health skidded sideways out of nowhere halfway through December, so hoping with some diet changes I can get back on track.

+ Continue #27Lessons. Turning 27 was strangely monumental. So many light-bulb moments went off at once of things I struggled to understand or put into practice. It inspired me to tweet a little hashtag of musings and will be sure to add more.

+ Get a new laptop. This one's going.

These are some things I have in mind for the next year. What are yours? What do hope to have done a year from today? Good luck on all your dreams and ideas!

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