Monday, December 19, 2016

My Merry Fictional Challenge Answers

Christmas is just around the corner. I created this little holiday meme a while back and thought it was finally time to give it a whirl! If you'd like to join in, feel free to comment with a link to your blog at this post or with your own picks. I'd love to see your answers!

Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December?
My mom, sister and I make a whole day of shopping together - going to the mall, getting a drink at Starbucks, etc. My family also know that my Christmas day is 1000% reserved for watching A Christmas Story marathon - it's one of my favorite days of the year.

Carols: What's your favorite song(s)?
Christmas Is A Comin' by Bing Crosby, Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson, Jingle Bells by Barbra Streisand - to name a few. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to holiday music. I can't get enough!

Coal: A naughty character you'd send coal to?
Spencer Monroe - The Walking Dead. Negan kinda took care of that for me but still....

Fireplace: Favorite Christmas movie that melts your heart?
It's A Wonderful Life. It just doesn't feel like Christmas if I don't watch this at least once.

Gingerbread: What's your favorite holiday snack?
Anything peppermint flavored- chocolates, marshmallows, cookies, candy canes.

Hot Cocoa: What's your favorite drink?
BARNIES WHITE CHRISTMAS MOCHA. It's so hard to find but such a good coffee.

Mistletoe: Character you'd like to meet under the mistletoe?

Mittens: A cozy outfit that keeps you warm during winter?
This Christmas has been so hot in Florida (thanks, global warming); it's been the usual shorts and t-shirts I typically wear during the summer. Usually a pair of jammies will keep me warm enough though. I actually can't wait to move and go somewhere where the seasons change. I don't know how I'm going to react when I encounter snow again.

Naughty: Three characters who'd make the Naughty list.
Negan - The Walking Dead, Kilgrave - Jessica Jones, Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time.

Nice: Three characters who'd make the Nice list.
Eleven - Stranger Things, Regina - Once Upon a Time, and Sasha - The Walking Dead.

North Pole: If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would you go?
Absolutely - Hogwarts. I'd just love to spend time in the Gryffindor common room by the fireplace or in the Great Hall and watch the tree get decorated.

Presents: A book or movie on your wishlist?
Agent Carter season one. That girl needs some support after everything that happened to her this year.

Rudolph: What's your favorite TV holiday special?
I Love Lucy Christmas special. Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel try to make Christmas magical for little Ricky and end up encountering a little magic of their own. I'm so happy CBS has played it the past few years.

Santa: A character you'd love to exchange presents with? What would you get them?
Rick Grimes - I'd give him a bunch of stuff - canned foods, water bottles, knives - and then I would force him to hide it from Negan.

Scrooge: A villain you'd help see life in a different way?
I don't know how many villains are pass the point of being redeemed. Maybe Kylo Ren?

Snowflake: Something that makes you feel special.
Random conversations with strangers like a barista or cashier. It's nice to just pause and talk to someone and connect, even if it's fleeting.

Tree: What do you decorate your house with for the season?
I like to make a lot of little crafts like paper snowflakes and chain links. It's starting to get a bit fancier with more complicated craft projects though (thanks Pinterest!).

Yuletide: The top 3 things in your life that make you happy?
Trying to think outside of the box of friends and family - soooo... I'll say taking walks early in the morning, dachshunds, and late nights watching movies in bed.

BONUS: Ugly Christmas Sweater: Would you wear a sweater Molly Weasley made you or avoid it like the plague? I'd definitely wear it but it'd have to be on a cooler day here. I'd probably pass out otherwise!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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