Saturday, December 24, 2016

Geek Girls x Bloggers Christmas Card & Funko Exchange

Merry Christmas, everyone! This year blogging through the holidays has been extra special. Being apart of Geek Girls x Bloggers group is a special place to get to know fellow geeky bloggers and share a little holiday spirit with them. I joined in my first Christmas card and Funko Pop exchange. (Shout-out to DePepi who made the banner above!)

Trying to pick out cards, mailing, and waiting for snail mail had so much more anticipation than I expected, and was so much fun!

These are the cards I received and the *big* funko pop reveal. A few more I believe are on the way and can't wait to see them too and will add as they come.
Every single card was so imaginative - and your gals' selection made me so excited for future exchanges and even making or designing cards from scratch. The possibilities for geeky cards are much more limitless than I expected!

(from left to right)
Nikita drew an amazing illustration of the Harry Potter golden trio. They are so cute, and even more impressive - it's a notecard postcard! So creative!

Ashley's card is in an ugly Christmas style of Doctor Who with twin hearts, Police Box, the tardis, and screwdriver! I hadn't discovered Unicorn Empire before and now I'm obsessed.

Desiree - The snow-covered forest photo card is so beautiful. It's so classy - definitely a charming season's greetings!

Mickey crafted a wonderful recreation of Ron's Christmas sweater from Harry Potter. Again, you girls are so talented and creative!

Gingi. I'll never get this out of my head ever again. *dalek* DE-COR-ATE. This is magic. She also included Star Wars temporary tattoos, so 2017 is hopping on the right foot.

A huge thanks to every single one of you!

Another part of the Geek Girls x Bloggers holiday celebration was a Funko Pop Exchange. This was another first for me and so much fun to take part in.

After members signed up for the Funko exchange, they were given info of another member who signed up and a small wishlist of the top five pops they'd like to add to their collection. And then we picked one to send each other - just like Secret Santa.

My partner was Mariah from Bizarre Brunette. I had such an adventurous time picking out her Funko, and receiving one in return was just as exciting. When I opened her box, I was so happy to add another Harry Potter funko to my collection - Ron! She also included an Ursula figure from The Little Mermaid. I love the villains so this was an awesome surprise!

He's so cute with his little broken wand from Chamber of Secrets and his robes. Thank you so much Mariah! I can't wait to know your reaction for the pop I sent you!

Thank you to Geek Girls x Bloggers for managing the exchanges, to Nikita, Ashley, Desiree, Mickey, and Gingi (and the future cards that are coming!)!

Thank you to every blogger I've met, visited, and talked to this year. I wish everyone a wonderful Happy Holidays!

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