Saturday, June 4, 2016

5 Ideas To Get Out of A Streaming Slump

Maybe it's the summer heat down here in Florida, or I'm just in a really bad movie rut. Because I am having a really difficult time watching any kind of movie. And, nothing feels less inspiring as a movie buff or blogger than to watch a dozen movies and come away feeling BLAH about them all.

Sure, we all don't like a movie here and there. Typically, even when I watch a flick that isn't an instant fave or something I'd watch again, I still try to find something redeemable.

After watching a string of movies that just weren't any good, where I just felt like I wasted my time, where I couldn't find something that made me go Well it was all right because this actor's performance stood out or at least this scene made me laugh, doubts arise when I go to watching something new: what if I just don't end up liking it? or it gives me nothing new to think/write/talk about?

Basically, my curiosity or excitement to watch movies has dried up for the time being. I know I want to watch something but I just don't know where to start. I wanted to fix how I or others can get back on the film wagon. These are five ideas on how to get out of a streaming slump. Good luck!

See What's Popular

Hype by critics and other movie goers can easily ward off interest. Sometimes that praise pays off. See what's popular around town; what gets good ratings on RottenTomatoes and IMDB. There's nothing wrong with following the herd sometimes.

Ask Friends

Your loved ones have surely seen something recently that they liked or are prepared to tell everyone to avoid like the plague. Ring up, or text a friend and simply ask. Also, browse around on some movie blogs and see the reviews circulating that might give you the confidence to check out.

Letterboxd is a great tool for gauging what other movie lovers are liking or hating. (I like to use it as a diary of what I've seen already because sometimes my Dory-ness kicks in and I forget.) When you follow fellow letterboxers, you can easily get new ideas of things to watch because their activity shows up your dashboard. You're easily reminded of "Hey, I meant to check that out!".

Watch an Old Fave

If your tingly senses are so strong for watching something you've already seen once or a million times, go for it! No amount of trying to find something new or cool or what other people have seen is going to shake what you are really in the mood for. GO - dig into your list on Hulu, Netflix, or dvd shelf, and dust off your old favorite! Nothing wrong with an oldie but a goodie.

Browse for Similar Tastes

After you watch an old favorite or take a recommendation a friend made, you might want to watch something similar. Luckily, the web has some options for suggestions.

TasteKid recommends similar options to any movie you search on. You can not only find movies on this site, but also books, tv shows, and music.

MovieLens is a similar website to Letterboxd, only you don't have to manually add movies to a watch-list. On a star system you rate or hide a list of movies you've seen, and their generator picks personalized options for you. When you start a free account, you even get to choose your favorite genres, which is already a step in eliminating some overwhelming choices.

Kick its Ass

So maybe you're doing a few of the above and still nothing clicks. While you're browsing, close your eyes and just pick something at random. Try something, or anything, and see if it floats your boat. Take a leap of faith and don't let doubts overwhelm your experience. You found it: now kick its ass and watch it - no holds barred and no regrets. GO FOR IT.

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