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Love, Rosie (2014)

Love Rosie movie review
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When have you missed the perfect moment to tell someone that you love them? It could be a once in a lifetime or every day opportunity. For inseparable best friends Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin), their true feelings take a backseat to fear and juvenile naivete. During their escape out of London to pursue college in America, Rosie gets pregnant as Alex (who is NOT the father) chases his dreams across the pond. As they grow up, the distance between them becomes a hindrance and ally.

Love, Rosie, like many romantic comedies, explores when two people are a perfect fit but can't or won't admit how much they love each other. Over the span of twelve years from teenage-dom to adulthood, something always tarnishes that little amount of courage that rises to the occasion. Rather than delving down the dramatic route, the film is a surprising upbeat and tender procrastinator of happy-ever-after. Balancing the timeline between ages and locations, the characters and conflicts bounce off of each other with humor and charm.

With a few credits to his name, director Christian Ditter adapts Cecilia Ahern's novel to the best of his ability. (I haven't read the original book yet.) From the beginning it's obvious boy and girl love each other. Instead of selling us the ending we know will happen eventually, his direction allows the tension of when-will-they flow with ease. A great credit of the films' light-hearted atmosphere also goes to Christian Rein. He does a beautiful job with the handheld cinematography, capturing the characters as they muscle through triumphs and heartbreak.

Where the film truly succeeds is the connection between Collins and Claflin. Together, they gel so well - at some points, I didn't know if I was shipping the actors or the characters. They are not on the screen long before we believe how close their connection is. As much as the film is about the duo, more attention lies on Rosie whose dreams change as she becomes a single-mother. Collins offers a charming performance grounding Rosie with integrity and sincerity. Having starred in several films so far, her modest work is something I look forward to. As well, Claflin is heart-warming, and honestly, delicious. Let's just have more of him, please! They are both on the cusp of great work ahead, as they have the on-screen charisma and talent to take them far.

Who isn't in the mood for a fluffy love story? This film not perfect, but it's a surprisingly enjoyable experience that summons the feels if you allow them to arrive. Being in the midst of a Finnick O'Dair mode helped my enthusiasm to take a chance on. Now, I'm in full Claflin and Collins mode, and, ready to watch again. But first, I couldn't just let this movie go by without sharing how much I liked it. Okay, loved.

Rating: ★★★
Have you seen Love Rosie? What did you think?

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