Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Gif Guide to Writing Movie Reviews

How To Write Movie Reviews

It all starts with watching something right?...

willy wonka gif

Should you go to the theaters and see something new?

pulp fiction gif

Or write about something you already love?

citizen kane gif

In no time at all, a decision must be made!

lord of the rings gif

Your critic's hat is on...

buster keaton gif

and let the movie watching begin!

social network gif

Two hours later....

the artist gif

The ending credits make you feel like...

ghostbusters gif



finding nemo gif

Or maybe it turned out to be just okay.

Nothing really fulfilled your expectations.

breakfast at tiffanys gif

Hopefully, you didn't fall asleep!

fight club gif

Time to blog! The movie dances in your head as you think about what to write...

robin williams gif

A message behind the movie was...?

kate winslet  gif

But you also thought it was....

minions gif

And THEN that one scene was like....

You're not 1000% sure you're saying what you want.

hocus pocus gif

Should you see what other bloggers said?

alice in wonderland gif

Thousands of reviews for one movie?!?

shaun of the dead gif

Many are not good....

toy story gif

They liked this movie

or hated it?!

mean girls gif

BUT THEN there's THAT one blog that expresses every emotion and thought you had....

WHAT the HELL are you blogging for?

Maybe walking away will do you some good.

But you already have one post started....

HEY! Get it done already!

It's time to officially publish!

Share, Share, Share!

You are now facing the possibility of haters

or maybe a fan club?!

Maybe you don't get any comments...

Maybe you only get one?

Or even tons!!

From the outside it all looks so easy

But inside:

Remember, any way it turns out:


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