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Top 10 Favorite Episodes of The Office

For nine years The Office has graced Thursday nights on NBC. The show has had its hilarious moments, crazy relationships, and your usual office chaos like dysfunctional Christmas parties, fake fires, and conference room meetings about dementors from Harry Potter. Watching the show practically since the beginning, it's hard for me to realize that we'll be saying goodbye. Though the show had its ups and downs in terms of good or all right episodes, watching hell break loose at the Scranton branch has sadly come to its fond farewell too soon.

Just the other day I remember watching my first episode of Casino Night and being instantly hooked by the absurdity of this complete obtuse boss Michael Scott and his lesser delusional co-workers who encircle an entire sphere of idiosyncrasies. I thought it'd be fun to share my top ten favorite episodes. This list wasn't easy and churned up many more favorite moments you can catch in part two of this post. HUGE thanks to tumblr and dundermifflinscranton for all the images in this post! What are your favorite episodes of The Office? Enjoy and feel free to share your favorite episodes!

Goodbye Toby

Finally, the emotional vampire Toby from the annex of Human Resources is leaving. Okay I don't have too much resentment towards him but Michael couldn't wait to throw a huge party in his departure's honor. Jim is planning to pop the question but is thwarted by Andy proposing to Angela. Tobys' replacement comes to be a woman who is practically one and the same as Michael, Holly...who might be one of the best things to happen to Dunder Mifflin since World War One. Not only was the entire episode so much fun, but Amy Ryan became a perfect counterpart to Steve Carrell.

The Injury

We all know Dwight would do anything and everything for his best friend and boss Michael. When our favorite manager calls in one morning frantically explaining how he burned his foot on a grill, Schrute leaps to the rescue taking off in his car even after crashing into a telephone pole. As employees in the office are irritated by Michael's over-exaggerated injury, Dwight is suffering from a real concussion and has to be taken to the hospital. "You can fire me, I don't work in this van!" is one of the best lines ever .. and don't forget, Ryan is dead.

The Dundies

Oh so many of Michael's alter egos are on display through his hosting of The Dundies. All of the office is in attendance with their families as Scott MC's amazing awards like Whitest Sneakers and Bushiest Busiest Beaver. Meanwhile Pam has a little too many drinks after a tiff with her fiance and plants one on Jim. Lesson learned in this episode: don't get wasted at Chilis.

Survivor Man

Feeling like he's stuck in a rut, Michael decides he is in need of a big adventure. So why not go to the hilt of Scranton's wooded areas to live by himself in the wild for three days? Of course, Dwight watches from afar as Michael rips apart his pants to make a tent and then tapes them together again so he can adequately hunt for food. Meanwhile, Jim learns how hard it is to be in charge. Several of the employee's birthday parties are coming up and all goes awry when he eliminates individual celebrations. We learned never to underestimate the power of Michael's genius as boss.

The Return

After transferring from the Stanford branch, Andy is in a race against himself to becoming Michael's new favorite employee and becoming the most annoying desk buddy to Jim. Meanwhile, Dwight who had been wrongly fired goes in search of employment elsewhere. Jim's got Andy under control - for the most part until he punches a wall...which was a little bit of an overreaction.

Booze Cruise

Corporate has sent Michael a representative/consultant for a leadership training exercise. Going above and beyond what's necessary Michael takes the employees out on a booze cruise in the middle of January. As captain of the Scranton branch setting out onto  Lake Wallenpaupack, he becomes the boss of dancing above all else. He does manage to teach Jim never, ever give up on Pam, who had just gotten engaged by her rotten fiance Roy again.

Cafe Disco

It never really seemed like anything got done at the office - what with Pretzel Days, fires started with Pita bread, and Michael's general lack of real actual work. But it surprised many when Scranton pulled out to be the most efficient branch in the company. Perhaps it can all be given credit to stress relievers like Cafe Disco - a room with some music, a glittery disco ball, and the office gang dancing it out.

Casino Night

This was an episode we were all waiting for - at least PB&J fans couldn't stop anticipating this moment. Michael holds a casino night in the warehouse, where the winner of most chips earned  receives a donation for a charity of their choice. The major and probably most important point of this episode was when Jim - bestie to Pam - finally confessed he was in love with her. After she turns him down, they shared a kiss in the office. Remember, at the time we were forced to wait an excruciating summer for the new season to start - so we could find out if they finally got together? UGH.

Dinner Party

We all knew Michael's relationship with Jan was f----ed up. But we never knew, or our psyches were never prepared for what was in store, until we got a peek inside their living situation at their condo. Jim with Pam, Angela with Andy, and Dwight with a random stranger join the cursed duo for one crazy ass dinner party where we learn: Jan thinks Pam and Michael slept together, Michael had three vasectomies and sleeps on a pedestal like a dog, and no PLEASE - don't take your male assistant by the hand to make him a man.

Goodbye, Michael

It's pretty obvious from my choices above that Michael was and will forever be one of my favorite characters. Steve Carell didn't make the show what it came to be on his own, but it was a relieving night when Michael's bittersweet departure was everything a hardcore fan wanted. Michael said goodbye to every character in his own distinct way. Joining Holly in Colorado, he finally accepted that Dunder Mifflin was where his best friends were, but he finally met someone who was his real home and family. <3

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