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Friday, March 4, 2016

Awful Movies I Watched for a Celebrity Crush

When we love a celebrity, we put ourselves through real endurance tests. Us fangirls (or boys) go through a few stages. We tumblr, binge on every film, tv shows, interview, and special event he or she has ever been apart of, gif every youtube video or movie our crush has ever made their glorious presence.

Which means in our pursuit of trailing hotness, we have sat through some real duds; some stinkers that no abundance of reasoning or bad reviews convinced us not to watch the thing. To watch or not to watch is not even a question that comes across our minds. We live to watch all the things. We will sit through the great and the downright horrible.

Script, character development, and wasting our time be damned - we have to see our faves with puppies, or wearing suits / period clothing / grandpa sweaters / taking care of babies / dating so we can vicariously live through the other character / attend weddings and imagine ourselves as the bride/groom / kicking ass and taking names in tight superhero outfits and so much more.

Like any fangirl I've had some favorite eye candy and survived some real flops. Here are 15 that make me question my devotion and praise my perseverance.