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11 Best Moments of Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee captured fans' hearts from the very beginning of The Walking Dead. Over the past six seasons, he's kept us inspired and making us pray to the Powers That Be he wouldn't get killed off. Whether or not the seventh season will cement his comic book fate into television history, I thought now was as good of a time as any to give thanks to Glenn Rhee and Steven Yeun.

The former pizza boy turned wise leader has been there and done that throughout the apocalypse. These are eleven moments of why I personally love Glenn and believe what makes him a fan-favorite. What moments do you think are missing from my list? Feel free to share in the comments below. Hope you enjoy!



Half of Team Atlanta's original camp is wiped out after a hoard of walkers intrudes in the middle of the night. This was one of the earlier days when disposing of bodies, at least so many of them, was new. Dealing with the aftermath, Glenn urges everyone to see the difference between their family and the brain-dead vultures. This subtle choice carries on throughout the series in terms of choosing to bury their own friends or allies but letting their enemies turn.

Love In The Apocalypse

"All I know is this chick rode out of nowhere like Zorro on a horse and took Lori."

This is love at first sight. She swings in on a horse to tell the group about Carl getting shot and rides off into the horizon towards her family farm with Lori. Hearts pops out of his face every time he looks at her. He's like a real-life emoji. Their encounter turns into 11 minutes of pharmacy-heaven and one of the best relationships of the series. Gleggie, forever!
No One Gets Left Behind
Nothing else is on Maggie and Glenn's mind except finding each other. But would we ever doubt for a second that Glenn would leave Tara behind when they are blocked off in a caved-tunnel surrounded by walkers? Our boy isn't like that at all. It's even more awesome that Maggie and co. come in guns blazing to save them at the nick of time.

Taking Aiden Down

Glenn probably wouldn't ever harm a fly or swat a bee. He's just so precious. So punching someone to make a point is definitely leveling-up in badassery. Aiden and Nicholas think it's all fun and games to tie up a walker and torture it, and then tries to lecture Glenn about how to deal with roamers after they nearly get Tara killed. Aiden gets put in his place much to our and Deanna's total delight.
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Don't Let Go

Nicholas, Glenn, and Noah are trapped in a revolving door surrounded by walkers. Glenn tries beating down the glass, but in typical Alexandria Cowardice fashion, Nicholas shoves his way out and bails. Glenn is forced to watch in horror as Noah is propelled into walkers and mauled to death. This might one of the saddest moments in the series, but Steven did one hell of a job portraying Glenn's despair and anguish. After his friend's death, it's also the first time Glenn withdraws from the community and stays closer to home until he confronts (and beats the hell out of) Nicholas.

First Human Kill

One of Glenn's defining qualities was that he never killed another person. While other characters' kindness deemed them ill-fit to survive their grim realities, Glenn jumped through morality hoops unscathed. When season sixth finally called on him to strike out the Saviors, it was definitely a heartbreaking moment. Another underrated performance by Yeun in Not Tomorrow Yet.


The group is forced to abandon the prison when the Governor and his cronies roll up to destroy the joint. Everyone is paired with at least one other person, and are more or less, hiding out nearby. But where the hell is Glenn? We find him still at the prison waking up completely alone and their home obliterated. The only thing he has to hold onto is the pocket watch Herschel gave him, but he is entirely unaware of how or if he was killed. After a moment of devastation, he packs up and tries to move forward. Herschel taught him to believe, so that's what he's going to do.


Morning News

Stuck between his girlfriend and his friends, Glenn has a tough decision to make. It's not as much of a question of whether he should share that Herschel's farm is filled with walkers, it's more of when and how. If tensions weren't already high, here's this bombshell that pure Glenn decides to share over breakfast. It's truly iconic.


Yeah, you in the tank. Cozy in there?

Days Gone By was already an amazing episode on its own. Just when all of the chips seem to be down for Rick, who's trapped in a tank with no way out, Glenn introduces himself via walkie. Whether watching the show for the first time or re-watching it, whoever still expects for that voice to come out of nowhere? Talk about an introduction.

The Magical Dumpster

Maybe I'm just desperate to pull something out of a hat for the first half of season six, but I really liked Nicholas and Glenn's arc. Nicholas showed us what kind of man he was but we also got a glimpse of who he could be if Glenn mentored him. Was the dumpster moment needed? Probably not, especially when the powers that be failed to keep the secret about his fate spoiler-free. For good and bad reasons, it will forever be legendary. It's earned a spot in television history alongside tv fake-outs. On top of that, this shot of Steve's reaction to Nicholas is very underrated.

1 of 1000 Lives

Glenn might be too precious and good for an apocalypse, but the dude has more lives than a clowder of cats. Surely, there's a rank list about his close calls to be made but I don't know if anything trumps the Woodsbury escape: Glenn getting beaten to a pulp while tied to chair, and then is forced to smash said chair into pieces to kill a walker that was unleashed on him. To top it off, he later rips the same walker open to use its bones for him and Maggie to kill their captors and make a run for it. Yes, he is a cinnamon roll but this is the epitome of "just surviving somehow".

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