Monday, October 5, 2015

X-Files Xtras: Update

133 episodes in 113 days! Challenge Accepted. Besides the first season of House of Cards (and The Walking Dead marathons on AMC), I would not call myself a binge-watcher per say - but for X-Files I've made the sacrifice. Three episodes a day, sometimes more on the weekend, keeps me generally on track to watching all the seasons before the epic revival.

Speaking of which, did you see the trailer - like the trailer Fox released? I did, and only rewatched it a million times. MULDER. THE RIPPED POSTER. SCULLY. SKINNER. THE RIPPED POSTER. FLASHLIGHTS. Yes, it was very exciting.

Spectacularly in my quest to watch X-Files, I have not encountered any spoilers - even when I've bookmarked countless pages to read as I move through each season, even as I've been reblogging gifs on tumblr galore and really only following X-Files blogs.

A part of me doesn't want to enter the world known as season four, where feelings are going to get more and more complicated between Mulder and Scully. Do I want them to be together - or not? Most fans stan for these two as a couple but as of now I struggle and remain a loyal fan of them platonically. We'll see there that goes....

Instead of posting my fangirling as apart of So Fetch Friday, it's getting posts of their own.  Since I just finished season three this weekend (YIPPEE), I'll be posting some of my thoughts, favorites and least favorites, and plenty more!

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