Thursday, August 27, 2015

14 Actors I'd Like to See on TCM Summer Under The Stars

Turner Classic Movie channel airs classic films from the inception of cinema to the early 1980s - uncut and commercial free. In August every day is dedicated to a unique movie star with a 24-hour marathon. August 1st may center around Vivien Leigh, August 2nd Elvis Presley, and so on.

My mother raised me with Classic Hollywood film, but mainstream entertainment is a passion too. It's nearly impossible to divide which era of Hollywood is favorable or better because I "live" in both worlds. This often brings up the question: which actors from today, or near-today's, film generation may be featured in the future.

Currently, TCM's selection of films revolves around old Hollywood with varying degrees of recent movies that earned recognition at the Academy Awards. As I grow older, I hope their collection expands including modern films which still upholds what it means to be a time-honored classic and is worthy enough to be on their programming. Tons of favorite actors I wish could be included on this list but that would make it miles long. To start off: here are 14 modern actors I'd like to see featured on a future TCM's Summer Under the Stars.

Watch Turner Classic Movie channel - Who should be added to thist list? (Stay tuned because I'll be a doing a movie list soon!)

photographer Annie Leibovitz
photographer Steven Klein

photographer Vincent Peters

photographer Daneille Levitt
unknown photographer

unknown photographer
photographer Eric Ray Davidson
photographer Nico Bustos

photographer Jason Bell
photographer Douglas Fairchild
photographer Michael Thompson

unknown photographer

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