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10 Favorite Cinematic Moments (A Fisti Blogathon)

favorite cinematic moments blog challenge
Feeling euphoria from a film can be a rare experience. We go through a lot of bad, mediocre, and semi-good movies to discover the golden nuggets. The true gems remind us why we fell in love with movies as a kid or why we became movie bloggers when so many movies throughout the year can just plain stink. Most of the really good films are hard to get off of our minds because a certain moment touches us unlike any other.

As fellow blogger Fisti describes, it can be the way powerful music fills a scene, an actor bares his all, how scenes are seamlessly edited, and a grand climax to an adventure. Cinematic moments is the inspiration for his latest blogathon.
The rules are super simple, so simple they may as well not be rules, just suggestions. 
1) Pick a number between 1 and 100 (any more than 100 is just gaudy)
2) Choose that many cinematic moments that are either your all time favorites or ones that could, on any given day, be your all time favorites
3) Post them on your blog (or Tumblr or whatever) with the above header (or one you create for yourself)
4) Send me the link by either posting it here in the comments or getting ahold of me on Twitter ( @fististhoughts )
Thirteen scenes were selected as my favorites. I'm sure there will be more that come to mind later!

Titanic When the lights go out

I love Kate and Leo's chemistry in this film (which entirely carries the film) as much as the next person. The best part, unfortunately, is the last hour or so when the glorious ship begins to sink. I always get chills when the lights go out. The descent into the cold abyss and tragedy begins.

Twister - Drive-in

Trucks were tossed at the actors via cranes and huge blocks of ice were blasted at the actors with jet engines to make it look like hail. The CGI was primarily used for the visual effects of the tornadoes. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton endured most of the stunts suffering injuries from concussions, temporary blindness from exposing lights and received hepatitis shots from threatening bacteria. I love all the chases in Twister but the best one takes place at the drive-in.

Inception - the final kicks

Across the board, Inception was ranked as okay, boring, or absolutely loved. I fell into the latter category having seen it seven times in theaters. No matter how many cool scenes the movie has, the big ending is the most memorable for me. It's all about those kicks occurring at just the right moment after the idea is planted. Cillian Murphy's emotions encapsulate why this job was worth the hassle, even if the mission is quite unethical.

Tom Cruises' stunts

Like Twister, blockbusters can be so easily overwhelmed by special effects. Stunt performers also seem to be forgotten art-form within the action genre. It's nice to see when car chases, scaling world's tallest buildings, or hand-to-hand combat is scaled back. Summer doesn't feel right if one of Cruises' action movies aren't released. He puts so much effort and concentration in delivering the best action sequences possible. It's always great to see when precision, dedication, and a love for film and awesome stunts pay off.

Rear Window - Thorwald

Lisa has a lot of underrated gumption for *cough* illegally breaking *cough* into Thorwald's apartment. That looks says it all from one of film history's most subtle villains.

The Dark Knight - The Joker

Some experiences are simply more immersive when you see them in a movie theater that has a floor-to-ceiling screen, high definition, surround sound and zero distractions. It'd be impossible to ever forget a performance like The Joker by Heath Ledger. He is gripping from beginning to end.

Inglorious Basterds - Three

Quentin Tarantino is a master of creating such detailed yet subtle conflict, primarily with dialogue-driven scenes. So much is riding on Lt. Archie Hicox and 1st Special Service Force's extraction of Bridget von Hammersmark. Every time I watch the movie, I always imagine their mission is going to be successful. Will some of their confidential information be picked up by a Nazi officer? Will Stiglitz's aggressive nature unmask their cover? Nope. That damn number three pops up in every way from character blocking to quantities mentioned again and again in the dialogue. That one little hand signal ruins it all.

The Princess Bride - 20-year duel

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." is pretty freaking awesome.

So is "I want my father back you son-of-a-bitch!"

October Sky - The final rocket
In 1957, young adult boys only escaped their small town of Coalwood if they had a football scholarship. Otherwise, they automatically became coal-miners like their fathers. Homer Hickham begins building rockets when he sees Sputnik blaze across a night sky. Along with his friends, he faces his dad's disapproval and a town's objection for boys stepping outside of the norms. I saw this film when I was a little girl and entirely credit it for my temporary yet very passionate idea that I could become a Rocket Girl. Gorgeously scored by Mark Isham, all the hard work, passion, and disagreements pay off when everyone comes to see the final rocket launch.

Before Sunset - Celine's Waltz

Celine's waltz is the literal sound of hearts breaking. It's her version of the novel he published about their night together. She so timidly bares her emotions with such an eloquent, sweet, and simple. A moment that is nine years late. Jesse looks at her with power, appreciation, awe, and a sense of regret for all the time they lost. There are just too many feels here.

The endings of Goblet of Fire, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows Part 2

19 hours is the entire journey of the film franchise we can take to watch Harry Potter in his fight against Voldemort. There are tons of moments I'd have picked but these three endings are unforgettable. Not only is the storytelling beautiful but the music is absolutely gorgeous and always makes me feel quite emotional.

I love the hope at the end of in the fourth film, even though Voldemort has returned and everything is going to change. The golden trio are going to embark on the hunt for horcruxes at the end of the sixth film. And, though it should feel depressing since Dumbledore was just killed, the melancholic way Fawkes rides off into the sunset and the music brings tears to my eyes. Finally, Harry's defeat of Voldemort nineteen years later, all is well.

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