Friday, October 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Moments

The fourth season finale of The Walking Dead left its viewers with a bushel of questions: What happened to Beth? Would Carol and Tyreese survive on their own? With Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl (and the list goes on) being held captive at Terminus, where was the community at this self-promoting sanctuary? In one of the goriest season premieres (possible ever, ever ever) two-thirds of our concerns were answered (we're still waiting on Beth) and brought about some of favorite moments of the show so far. The list is available behind the cut due to spoilers - in case some readers haven't seen it yet! Consider yourself warned!

 5. The pig trough.
Don't mix eating dinner with the opening of a zombie show; all you get is nauseous, anxious, and hurrying to chum it all down during commercials. Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn are the first of the kidnapped group from Team Prison to be released and immediately thrusted into a pig trough. Other captors are whacked in the head with a baseball and throats slit open, readying to be made into a dinner feast for the community. The "meat packing" and dissection room is methodically clean, and even the way they handle slicing and dicing their guests, Gareth is methodically business as usual. A violent blast interrupted their everyday procedure before any of our guys were turned into cattle and made an escape. Phew!

4. Rick's turn
The last time we saw Rick he had declared that the Termites were screwing with the wrong people. His words sparked everyone inside the train car to make weapons with what they had on them to make DIY weapons; earrings as finger knives belts and wood fastened from the car into stakes and swords. Biting a piece of Joe's neck last season was the crude awakening of violence begetting violence (justice, revenge, or vengeance) in the apocalypse. His attempt to attack other Termites as he led the boys back to the train car, his enraged temperament urged us to question how far can the survivors change to make peace with the apocalypse before there is no turning back?

3. Morgan's return
One amazing actor and character is a recurring smash hit. In the pilot Rick awakens from his coma to a dehumanized Atlanta and unites with a father Morgan and his son Dwayne. The walking dead has taken over and these two survivors show him the first shreds of humanity he has come across. Three seasons later, the disappearance of Morgan was answered when Rick, Michonne, and Carl went on a run and found a delusional, treacherous one-man army booby-trapping an entire town. In the end of the season five premiere Morgan again pops up. This time he is trailing the forest with trees marked by an X inside a circle. What is he up to this time?

2. The Reunions
Easily the season premiere could've have been drenched in blood, bullets, and explosions, but it had such a cathartic conclusion. Little Judith was being tended to by Tyrese and Carol (previously also Mika and Lizzie). As the episode drew to a close, Rick was reunited with his daughter, Sasha with her brother. And, the source of Rick's escape from being killed came from an explosion created by the one and only...

1. Carol
It's almost impossible to describe the evolution of Carol Peletier. All the characters on the show are a survivor of the outbreak. Not many are a survivor of an abusive marriage. Even fewer survive the death of their child. Most succumb to the devastating spirit-breaking dog-eat-dog apocalypse. Honing her skills from the group, her determination and gut instincts, and passionate love for her family, Carol systematically takes down Terminus. Her loved ones are able to reunite with her including semi-romantic interest Daryl. Taking matters into her own hands at the prison when the flu broke out, now what she did to save the group is no longer "just in her head" (as Rick declared) but now is cold hard kick-ass fact: a gun-toting mother, protector, and warrior.

Questions to Ponder:
  • Does Tyreese saving Judith by killing all the walkers and the Termite equate to Rick's biting out Joe's neck in terms of accepting what he has to do to save others?
  • How will the rest of the group react when/if it is revealed Carol killed Karen and David (though Maggie, Daryl, Rick, and Tyreese already know?)
  • What will Rick's reaction be when he remembers Tara was apart of the Governor's annihilation (but she suffered PTSD before even firing her weapon)?
  • Where is Morgan heading?
What were your favorite moments
on The Walking Dead season premiere?

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