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20 Epic Moments From Doctor Who's The Woman Who Fell to Earth

The Thirteenth Doctor has arrived! After Peter Capaldi's three-year run as the twelveth time lord, the sonic screwdriver was finally passed onto Jodie Whittaker to take his place. As the thirteenth doctor making her debut in the premiere episode The Woman Who Fell To Earth, the initial adventure with the new regenerated character was filled with epic moments and create an amazing debut for the first female Doctor.

This post contains spoilers for Doctor Who's The Woman Who Fell To Earth.

We learned earlier this summer that the Thirteenth Doctor was going to have three new companions. To get our feet wet with the fresh cast of characters, it felt only natural that the new season kicked off with at least one of them. Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) opened the episode trying to put the pedal to the metal learning how to ride a bicycle with his nan Grace (and grandfather Graham (Bradley Walsh) cheering him on. Unfortunately, the lesson didn't go as well as he'd hope and ended up throwing his bike down a ravine where the real adventure began with a big blue Hershey-kiss-egg-thing appearing out of nowhere. Naturally, he called the police for help, which introduced our next companion Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill), an old friend of Ryan's from high school.

A big blue shell in the middle of a forest wasn't the only abnormal thing going on in Sheffield. A train stopped dead in its tracks as an electrified-tentacle burst into one of the cabins. Its passengers, including Ryan's grandparents, tried to outrun the mysterious object when the Thirteen Doctor fell through the train's roof and disengaged their attacker. And she had some fast catching up to do about who she is and what was going on. With the help of Ryan and his grandparents, Yazmin, and another passenger Carl, they started getting the answers they needed.

But the troops, or should I say, companions-in-the-making had a lot to sort out. Carl decided to go to work and put the night's events behind him, while the Thirteenth Doctor tried to reassure them she would try to help. Without her sonic screwdriver or Tardis, they started with tracking down the original blue shell Ryan and Yazmin saw in the forest and where it lead.

There were so many awesome quotes throughout the series, and this is definitely one of them playing perfectly into what the Doctor Who series has been about: aliens chasing after aliens (or other creatures). Once The Doctor got intel on where the blue shell wound up after going missing in the forest, it kicked off a good old-fashion alien chase.

Fortunately, their chase was short-lived. Unfortunately, they ended up in a mechanic's warehouse where the owner's body was found. Rahul left a video behind describing his tracking devices using energy signals and solar storm activity because he believed they took his sister who went missing several years before. After the Thirteenth Doctor felt stumped on what to do next, she figured building her own sonic screwdriver could definitely help them out.

Ta-da! I'll never get over this moment of the Doctor looking like a mad scientist and creating her very own scanner-diagonistics-sonic-swiss-army-knife.

Making the sonic screwdriver is exactly what they needed to find out that the tentacle-creature had moved from the train and was being used somewhere else, and that two alien spaces were using Earth for their own hunting game. Yazmin wasn't having any of it.

So many lives to save, so many puzzles to solve, so little time. The companions were starting to get restless about what to do next. Not only were two different aliens battling it on Earth and using humans for sport (taking their teeth as trophies), but the companions and Doctor also had been tagged with a DNA-Bomb; a device that would rearrange their genetic code and basically kill them. Needless to say, the Doctor had a lot to figure out. *cue this quote as my official motto from no on*

I don't know about you but that is a lot of teeth...which means there are a lot of humans or species that have been killed so that Tzim-sha, a Stenza warrior could rise up in the ranks as a Conqueror of the Nine Species. I liked that the series kicked off with a new species instead of the iconic Daleks or Cybermen. It'll be interesting if the Stenza warriors come back later on.

Tim Shaw is easily going to be a future easter egg for Doctor Who fans to use in the future. But more than that, the Doctor figured out that the Tzim-sha was basically cheating his way to find his next kill by using the tentacle-device he was transferring data to make finding his victims easier. We also found out that Rahul was right about his sister - she was killed and not kidnapped. The race was on for the Doctor and her companions to track down Carl - the next target.

Definitely the most ironic moment of the episode was Carl repeating positive affirmations for himself that were dangerously about to come true. Everything started to come to a head for The Doctor and companions to try to catch-up with Carl on his night shift as a crane operator before Tsim-Sha could kill him.

The Doctor had some big challenges ahead: Graham and Grace evacuated the rest of the workers on the construction site, while Carl was forced to ease out of his operating cab as Tsim-Sha started to climb up the crane. Yazmin and Ryan got inside the Doctor's crane and tried to maneuver her and Carl as close as possible. It was such a great moment for Yazmin who opened the episode wanting to do more than be a parking maid and was told to learn the basics of her job before taking on more responsibilities. Nothing says more responsibilities than helping an alien atop of a monstrous crane in the middle of the night to save someone's life.

Even though he was scared to jump, Carl almost stuck the landing onto the Doctor's crane before he was caught by Tsim-Sha and dragged away from her to be killed. The Doctor wasn't about to give up just yet, "If you want something doing...."

"Do it yourself." Love this little nod to the rest of the rest of the Doctors and how tall the actors were who played them.

Thirteenth Doctor Who Quotes Jodie Whittaker
Even though Tsim-Sha had captured Carl, the Doctor wasn't yet done with the tricks up her sleeve. She finally was able to figure out her name, which stayed on the tip of her tongue, throughout the episode. *cue one of the best moments in Doctor Who history* Not only was she able to declare herself as the Doctor, she was able able to call Tsim's bluff - she had stolen the retcon off of his device, and if he hurt Carl or anyone else, Tsim wouldn't be able to get home. She also removed the DNA bombs from her friends and implanted it into his data-pod, so if he tried to attack her friends, he couldn't. Carl ended up kicking Tsim-off of the crane after he pressed the detonator, and he seemed to disappear in mid-air. It is possible we might see him or another Stenza warrior come back.

Unfortunately, the defeat of Tsim-Sha wasn't without a surprising sacrifice so early on in the season. Grace was trying to destabilize the electrical-tentacle thing when it exploded, and she fell off of the crane to her death. Her family with Yazmin, the Doctor, and Carl gathered around for her final moments. Grace's final words, "Promise you won't be scared without me" are going to bind the whole group together forever.

The episode ended just as it began with Ryan talking about the most important woman he ever met. Though in the beginning we thought maybe he was talking about his encounter with the Doctor. Over the course of the episode we come to discover he's truly paying tribute to Grace, who inspires him to not let his dysplaxia hold him back. He decided get back on his bicycle again and never give up.

Thirteenth Doctor Who Quotes Jodie Whittaker
It's quite the solemn reason to bring all of the companions together: Ryan and Graham have lost Grace, and Yazmin as Ryan's friend is available to console them. Graham describes that he and Grace met because he had cancer and she was helper; he felt like he should've taken her place. The Doctor stayed with Graham and Ryan as they plan and host her funeral, offering a few words of advice after losing everyone on her Gallifrey.

Thirteenth Doctor Who Outfit Jodie Whittaker
This episode was filled with so many epic moments with Jodie Whittaker. If we're going to get a whole new Doctor and sonic screwdriver, it only seems fitting that she gets a whole new wardrobe. Though we saw promo photos earlier this summer of what she would look like, it was awesome to see her burst out from the curtains in her own iconic outfit.

The companions' work with the Doctor wasn't done yet though. She had one last idea of how to get her Tardis back by building a tracking system to see what planet her ship landed on. Graham, Ryan, and Yazmin helped build the contraption, and see her off for one last time.

Except not. Similar to the Doctor leaping from one crane to another, this was another epic shot of the episode with The Doctor and her companions floating in space with her. Yeah, that's going to be a problem. Brilliant!

All in all, I loved the first episode for the eleventh season. The Woman Who Fell To Earth almost felt cinematic with the beautiful cinematography and Segun Akinola's heart-pounding score. Whittaker absolutely hit it out of the park with her interpretation of the Doctor, giving off a little bit of the previous doctor's personalities. I love her curiosity, determination, empathy, joy, excitement, confusion. Though it was disappointing to see Grace die, the companions have something to bond with as they join the Doctor on their next escapades.

What did you think of the new Doctor Who? Are you excited for the season ahead?

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