Friday, May 19, 2017

So Fetch Friday

Sorry Wednesdays, we wear pink on Fridays. Every week goodies from movies, books, and television will be popping up here. I'll be picking out news, reviews, and awesome reads that give us all the feels. Want to make fetch happen? Receive more news, videos, and tidbits you won't get here with the newsletter!


Will & Grace are coming back this fall. A sneak peak of the revival gets the musical treatment

ABC has The Little Mermaid musical in the works planning to mix animation with live music

Emma Stone as Billie Jean King takes on misogyny in Battle of the Sexes trailer

Why the skipping intros feature on Netflix is bad news for classic movies

Allison Janey trades in Emmy campaign for donation to Planned Parenthood


How well do you know Wonder Woman? Take this amazing new quiz to test your knowledge

Emily Attwood and Katie Hogan launched a Kickstarter for their noir short film

ReaderlyGeek shares her dream picks for the 13th Doctor after Peter Capaldi's departure

MagicCatJenny shows off her amazing Meowexander Hamilton cosplay

BizarreBrunette reviews (with spoilers) Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Distracted Blogger offers awesome tips for attendees with anxiety

Life of this City Girl reviews the new Beauty and the Beast

ExpressoReads is holding an Everything Everything giveaway

What So Fetch reads or news did you like this week?

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